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Sports Car is a small and two seater automobile which request minimum weight. There can be 2+2 cars which has 2 seats and 2 occasional seats at the back for luggage. Some cars like; sports sedans, muscle car, sports compacts and hot hatches are commonly referred to as sports cars but with slightly different configuration. They all as a group is known as “Performance Cars”, because usually they share same traits and functionality.

you may also like: footballers with their expensive cars. we have already covered especially about Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Cars Collection. This article comprises top sports cars and their details. Sports Cars shows us the glimpse into the future of the automobile industry, by showing the advancements in the technologies and design elements which enters the exclusive realm of art. Let’s take a look at new list of these cars:

Some of the World’s Top Sports Cars

6. Jaguar F-TYPE R

jaguar 1

F- TYPE R is Jaguar’s most powerful and sportful offering which has convertible combine brute force with gorgeous sheetmetal. It comprises of well-tuned suspension and a smart brake-based-torque-vectoring system which makes the drive more beautiful and less difficult. Instinctive All-Wheel-Drive System is embedded in this Jaguar which employs Intelligent Driveline Dynamics active power transfer technology to enhance the steering feel of a rear-wheel while driving the car. When you are driving this car, the sportful system monitor your driving and road condition to help you optimizing the handling balance safely. According the road condition and the driving pattern this system balance the power deliver to each wheel to keep the car in stable form and also ensure the possible best grip in a variety of conditions.

Following are the specifications of Jaguar F-TYPE R:

  • Base Price: $99,000
  • Engine: 5.0-liter supercharged V8
  • Horsepower: 550 hp @ 6,500 rpm
  • 0-60 mph: 4.0 seconds

By activating Jaguar’s Dynamic Mode, it will remaps the car’s software to sharpen response and perform gear shifts more quickly at higher engine speeds. In R-models of Jaguar’s it visually give the response when it’s on Dynamic Mode by red lighting in the instrument cluster, on the door handles and central grab handle. It also has a lateral support on headrest while you are having an enthusiastic drive.

5. Porsche 911 GTS

Porsche (2)Porsche” another name in auto industry which is usually recalled when it comes to the production of sports car. While I am discussing the Top 6 Sports Cars, it is probably be unfair if I won’t include Porsche in the list. The company has released 911 GTS, a sports car with a powerful front, broad rear and sharpened elements. GTS is the 3-letters word which combines the high performance of the racetrack with full sportiness.

Following are the specifications of Porsche 911 GTS Carrera:

  • Base Price: $115,195
  • Engine: 3.8-liter flat-6
  • Horsepower: 430 hp @ 7,400 rpm
  • 0-60 mph: 4.3 seconds

It emphasis on the black interior with the sporty design including the PDLS (Porsche Dynamic Light System). Selective technology is incorporated in this 911 Carrera, which helps you to quickly access the information you need while driving.

4. Bentley Continental GT Speed


“The name says it all”

Bentley Continental GT Speed clearly justifies its name with all the specifications and uncompromising performance. It has the most powerful two-door coupe that Bentley has made. Now a days Continental GT Speed Convertible is a worthy successor because it is the fastest Bentley convertible model ever.

Following are specifications of Bentley Continental GT Speed:

  • Base Price: $220,725
  • Engine: 6.0-liter 12-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 616 hp @ 6,000 rpm
  • 0-60 mph: 4 seconds

It shows the perfect fusion of supercar performance and handcrafted luxury. The iconic Bentley features are bonnet line, prominent matrix grille and twin large inner headlamps. It is fuel efficient with an improved body control with hard concerning.

3. Ferrari FF


Ferrari is also a name which is remembered when you are talking about Top Sports Cars. This creation of Ferrari is modern, innovative, futuristic and stunningly elegant. The FF  is for “four seats and four-wheel drive” with two doors. It is all new in style and also different from other productions of Ferrari.

The specifications of Ferrari FF is given below:

  • Base Price: $300,000 (est.)
  • Engine: 6.3-liter V12
  • Horsepower: 651 hp @ 8,000 rpm
  • 0-60 mph: 3.7 seconds

This has caused a revolution in the automotive world, with the utterly change in the GT Sports Cars concept because it comprises four comfortable seats for the occupants. The styling of Ferrari FF is done by Pininfarina, in a completely new in every sense.

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