Castrol Footkhana Pits, Neymar JR vs Ken Block in an Incredible Battle

Rising Star from Brazil, Neymar JR goes head to head with Ken Block breaking Castrol experiment, in an Commercial shoot.

Soccer is the Most Popular Sports in the World, the Sport has Most number of Fans than any other sport on Earth. FIFA World cup Event is the Most Popular Event among Football Fans. the 20th FIFA World Cup and is going to be hosted in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014.

As you know Castrol is the Official Sponsor for FIFA football world cup Brazil (2014), Company Brought together the Pioneer from soccer world and motorsport to create an Event Named “FOOTKHANA.” In this innovative experiment, Fans can see Brazilian and Barcelona’s Young Rising Star Neymar JR takes on New Castrol Ambassador and world-wide Rally Icon Ken Block.

Castrol Continues Its Proud History of Feeling Pioneer by Together two of most innovative stars from their respective sports.

In the Video You Can Enjoy the Efforts From Both Stars, as Neymar JR and Ken Block Pushing the Boundaries of Performance and Attempt Ground-Breaking New Skills.

Neymar JR, who is the Ambassador of Castrol, Leading his Freestyle Footballers Team against Ken Block and Rally Car, Event Powered by Castrol’s Strongest Oil, Castrol EDGE Boosted with TITANIUM FST.

Ahead of Most Awaited Event in the World “FIFA World Cup 2014” in Brazil, Who will be on Top, will it be Neymar JR and his Freestyle Football Team or Stunt Driver Ken Block, who is Famous for his Gymkhana Series?

‘Post sponsored by Castrol’.