Sports Betting Coming to PokerStars in 2015, Rollout of Table Games to Start Immediately

PokerStars was launched in 2001 and quickly rose to prominence and became the number one poker site in the world. The site has dealt more than 120 billion hands and has served as the launching pad for several WSOP champions and some of the most respected poker players in the world. Let’s see through aspects of Sports Betting.

Sports Betting Coming to PokerStars in 2015, Rollout of Table Games to Start Immediately

Speaking of Sports Betting, In 2015, PokerStars will be expanding its offerings to include table games and sports-betting. CEO David Baazov began talking about some of the new potential for PokerStars in June of 2014. He said, “With the continuing trend of online gaming regulation around the world, the company has in front of itself an enormous opportunity to leverage its brand recognition and customer loyalty to diversify into other gaming verticals as casino, sports betting, and social gaming.”

The first step in the PokerStars expansion will be in the table games areas, with blackjack and roulette starting this month on a market-by-market basis. The company has been offering the games in Spain on and has used that experience and expertise, as well as the experience gained from the casino games offered on Full Tilt which is owned by the same parent company.

The games being launched have been designed to appeal to the poker playing community and will have unique offerings including multiplayer games and special social and betting features. The games will also be offered at stakes beginning at $0.10.

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Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser noted that PokerStars is “taking the same principles, practices and integrity that make PokerStars such a successful and beloved brand and applying them to new verticals. These new products will also support the development of poker and grow the overall business.”

The blackjack and roulette games being launched have been built with poker-playing consumers in mind. The company has devoted resources to develop unique multiplayer games, with social and betting features that will appeal to poker-loving audiences. Combined with some of the lowest blackjack margins in the industry and micro stakes starting from $0.10, these games have demonstrated early success in appealing to a mass market poker-playing audience.”

He noted that the games had been very well received by the poker players on PokerStars. ES and on Full Tilt, with about 30% of the players playing the games monthly. He goes on to say “We thoroughly researched the opportunity and spent a lot of time talking to players and analyzing the behavior of our customers on PokerStars.ES and Full Tilt. Those launches have been successful in reactivating dormant customers and extending the value of our existing poker customers. The experience on our poker platforms to-date also shows increases in net player deposits following the addition of casino games and a negligible impact on poker spend.”