10 Sportstars With Serious Gambling Problems

Sports itself is pretty thrilling yet we find many big athletes gambling away millions they earn. Gambling today is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with professional gambling ring working incessantly it’s sometimes easy to get sucked into the industry.

The unfortunate truth is there aren’t just a few sports figures doing it but a whole range of biggest names among professional sports who have been involved in this ugly business. Take a look at the 10 sportstars with serious gambling problems:

10 Sportstars With Serious Gambling Problems

10. Rick Tocchet

sportstars with serious gambling problems

At number 10 position of 10 sportstars with serious gambling problems is Richard Tocchet – a former professional ice hockey. He has played for the Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals and Phoenix Coyotes for 18 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a right winger. He retired in 2002 and later became an assistant coach for the Colorado Avalanche. Currently he serves as an analyst on Flyers Postgame Live. In 2006 it was found out that Tocchet had been funding a nationwide gambling ring. Tocchet was sentenced for two years probation. In 2004, he got selected as head coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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9. John Daly

sportstars with serious gambling problems

John Patrick Daly is a professional golfer. Two of his greatest wins are the 1991 PGA Championship and at the 1995 Open Championship. Daly has never participated in the Ryder Cup – the only golfer in both US and Europe to do so. In 2006, Daly published his autobiography where he revealed how he has been struggling with gambling. He also informed that in the last 15 years he has gambled away some $50 and $60 million.

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8. Pete Rose

sportstars with serious gambling problems

At number 8 position of 10 sportstars with serious gambling problems is Peter Edward Pete Rose, Sr. – a former Major League Baseball player. Rose played from 1963 to 1986 for four different teams – Cincinnati Reds (1963–1978), Philadelphia Phillies (1979–1983), Montreal Expos (1984) and Cincinnati Reds (1984–1986). Then he also served the Cincinnati Reds as their manager from 1984 to 1989. Nicknamed “Charlie Hustle”, Rose has been the winner of three World Series rings, two Gold Gloves, one Most Valuable Player Award, the Rookie of the Year Award and three batting titles. Rose’s retirement came amongst rumours of his gambling habit. It was later said that Rose had been betting from 1984 to 1986 when he was still a player.

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