10 Teammates Who Hate Each Other

In the modern society most us are stuck with colleagues whom we hate. In the highly glamorous yet competitive profession of sports, the picture is no different. Rivalry between teams is quite common, but have you heard about the infamous feuds between teammates?

The extreme pressure to perform, defeat and win a game creates stress which manifests itself as locker room brawls. Some of these personal differences and ego clashes are exposed by the media and some go unobserved .Here is a list of the dirty linens hidden behind the razzmatazz of the game world:

10 Teammates Who Hate Each Other

10. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale

Teammates Who Hate Each Other

If news reports are to be believed the Real Madrid heroes are not much happy about each other. It all started with one wrong decision of Gareth Bale of not passing the ball even after getting a wonderful opportunity and thus losing the La Liga. The media was fast enough to catch the unpleasant expression of Ronaldo . The root cause of this ‘dislike’ stems from the fact that Real Madrid paid an exorbitant sum to Gale but the figure remained undisclosed as it had the potential of upsetting Ronaldo. Though Real Madrid has many times refuted all claims of a feud between Ronaldo and Bale can anything escape the watchful eyes of the fans?

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