Ten Best Free Android Games 2016

Too bored of outrunning the predators chasing you? Or growing weary of slicing fruits? Well, fantastically recreating and adrenaline triggering as they are, our familiar android games begin to lose the freshness of them over time! And that’s precisely why a fresh wave of newer games reaches us as upgraded android version is launched! Let’s explore the compilation of new and innovative android games that are to fascinate us this year.

Here lined up for gamer like you… is the list of latest android games you can get for free on Google play .Some of them are so amazing that you would have a hard time believing your eyes for sure. Go ahead check them out.

Ten best free android games 2016

 10. Pokémon Shuffle

Ten Best Free Android Games 2016

Our childhood fantasy cartoon show –themed video game? For free? Yes, it is definitely not a dream. Filled With all our favorite Pokémons and their super powers, this game is one of the best free android games 2016. Make sure you check it out as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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9. Criminal Case

Ten Best Free Android Games 2016
criminal case

This is one of the most popular games on Facebook already and most people have already played this one. But the good news is that, now one can even sharpen his or her detective skills better as this game is launched for free in the Google play store. So what are you waiting for? You can play alone and you can also add your friends, make teams, take favors from them in this game. With the help of Police of Grimsborough, go and crack murder cases, earn energy drinks, coins, points and what not.

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8.  Spider-Man Unlimited

Ten Best Free Android Games 2016

This is one of the best franchise based free android games 2016.this is one hell of an arcade game and to get this game in an android machine is tough luck, but there is good news for android gamer worldwide. This action packed game is now free and will be an amazing addition to one’s current android gaming collection.

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