Successful Football Manager

Manager is the most important person in football because he is the key man to plan each and every thing not just of his own team but he has to monitor the other moves made by the opponents as well. Let’s see the Successful Football Manager list.


The manager has to find out ego of the players and must introduce psychological effects in the match this is well explained when Louis Van Gall substituted Tim Krul for just penalties during the quarter final match between Holland and Costa Rica. Here is a list of the Successful Football Manager.

Ten Most Successful Football Manager In The History


10. Sir Matt Busby (SCO)

Ten Most Successful Football Manager In The History
Greatest Football Coaches

Busby was one of the Successful Football Manager of all time. A great manager is the person who built a great team and Busby has the honor to build three great teams of his time. In 1945 he joined Manchester United as the great team who won FA cup and league title as well as become the first team to have four runners-up titles in the league. He produced some of great players of all time such as Bobby Charlton and Duncan Edwards. With Charlton ten years later he built another team who won1968 European cup. In addition to European Cup Busby won 5 charity shields, 5 league titles and 2 FA cups as well.

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9. Brian Clough (ENG)

Ten Most Successful Football Manager In The History
Greatest Football Coaches

Brain is the Successful Football Manager England had ever in the battle of football and is included in the list of top ten managers of all time because he take a simple provincial team and won the divisional title which shows excellence. Later on he joined the Nottingham Forest. Brain proved himself as the best manager by winning European cup in 1979. He won 4 league cups, 2 division titles, charity shield. Before 1979 Nottingham was in famous in European Cup and the suddenly in the presence of great man Brian they won the European cup.

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8. Arsene Wenger (FRA)

Ten Most Successful Football Manager In The History
Greatest Football Manager


Wenger was the man who turns the arsenal from a boring team to champion team and today’s best ever team who has the ability to compete any great side. He is regarded as the best manager of all time because during the season 2003/04 the arsenal was unbeaten. He produce best ever players such as Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. He was awarded as the world’s manager of the year 1998. He won so many battles which include a French cup, a Japanese title, two French leagues, 3 premier leagues, 4 charity shields and 4 FA cups.

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