NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds

No top 10 list about the NCAA would be complete if we didn’t talk about the top studs and duds of all time. Featured on the stud list are some of the most brilliant players ever to set foot on a basketball court, and the dud list contains players that gave some of the most epic last minute screw-ups ever seen in sport.


All Time NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds

#6- Stud- Butler

All Time NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds
If there is ever a player who proves that mid-majors can hold their own against big dogs, Butler is that player. He was notoriously dubbed the “Bulldog” during the NCAA tournament of 2010 for his ability to deliver a hefty blow to the opposition despite his frail and boyish looks. He was ranked as the No. 8 seed during the year, which he had improved to No. 5 in little over a year later. He also has 10-2 tournament record during the 2010-11 seasons and earned him a promotion to Atlantic 10 in 2013.

#5- Stud- Austin Carr

All Time NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds
Next on NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds,The highest scoring stud on our list, Austin Carr is famous for having scored a stratospheric 61 points individually when his team Notre Dame All-American competed against the Ohio Bobcats during the 1970 NCAA season. He dominated the college basketball scene during the early 70s and scored consistently in the five consecutive matches after his record score against the Ohio Bobcats; 45 against Iowa, 26 against Drake, 52 against Kentucky, 52 against TCU, and 47 against Houston. His is a streak second to none.

#4- Stud- Kemba Walker

All Time NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds Next on NCAA Tournament Studs and Duds, Following a much hyped back injury, Kemba Walker was all set to lead UConn Huskies into the 2011 NCAA tournament, and this he did with remarkable agility. His average score of 23.5 during the NCAA and 26 during the Big East Tournament ensured UConn would win both tournaments.

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