Top 10 Best Archers 2016

Whether you’re new to archery or a notable fanatic, here are 10 of archery’s many rising stars and the established heroes. While this is by no means an exhaustive list at all, these athletes are all worth watching. Let’s check out the Top 10 Best Archers 2016.

Top 10 Best Archers 2016

10. Joe Fanchin

Top 10 Best Archers 2016

Number 10 on Top 10 Best Archers 2016 is Joe Fanchin who isn’t just a recurve superstar of his time; he owns his own custom bow painting business, and he’s also a rocket scientist on top of that. Well, sort of. Fanchin has an aerospace engineering degree from USC. He had missed the London 2012 Olympic Team by a narrow margin, but went on to be a team World Champion in the recurve division. He still continues to train full time at the Olympic Training Center in the hopes of reaching Rio in 2016.

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9. Michelle Gilbert

Top 10 Best Archers 2016

At number 9 on Top 10 Best Archers 2016 we have Michelle. Anyone who is saying petite women can’t win medals in recurve archery should really shoot a match against Michelle Gilbert … and then shut up. This young archer delivers record-setting scores even as a collegiate standout at Texas A&M University. Gilbert trains diligently while pursuing her studies in the high hopes of making the next Olympic Team. Watch for Gilbert on the World Cup circuit this year as well, where she’s determined to win medals for Team USA.

8. Mackenzie Brown

Top 10 Best Archers 2016

At number 8 of Top 10 Best Archers 2016 there is Mackenzie Brown who had started archery as part of the National Archery in the Schools Program, and promptly realized she had a special talent for it. After switching to the recurve bow, Brown rose rapidly through the ranks of the Junior Dream Team before moving to the Olympic Training Center in the hopes of making the Rio 2016 Olympic Team. Watch for her avidly on this year’s national tournament circuit.

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