Top 10 Best Cricket World Cup Matches

Best Cricket World Cup Matches 

Cricket World Cup started from 1975 and some of the greatest and the best cricket World Cup match in all these years. Today we are going to take a look at the Top 10 best cricket world cup matches around the world. The list includes top 10 best Cricket World Cup Matches, which represented attention of loads of people, will be recalled for close and exciting finishes.

Best Cricket World Cup Matches

Best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016

Best Cricket World Cup Matches

10. Sri Lanka v England 2007 Super 8 Match

Best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


England wanted a win to keep its hopes of proceeding to the finals active and was helped in their job by big scores from Ian Bell (47), Ravi Bopara (53) and Kevin Pietersen (58). But in a gasping finish, England fell two runs short of their mark. Two runs were wanted off the final ball with Bopara on strike, but he was bowled by Dilhara Fernando.

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9. Australia v India 1987 Group Stage

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


India rarely wins exciting meetings and 1987 World Cup match against Australia was no dissimilar. India was chasing 271 runs and was on path with 229 for 3. From there failure started and soon India were 8 wickets down in the previous over of the match still needing 7 runs to win. They misplaced both wicket and made 5 runs means losing the match by only 1 run. This has been one of the best Cricket World Cup Matches ever.  Australia v India 1987 is in 9th position from the top 10 best Cricket World Cup Matches.

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8. West Indies v Pakistan 1987

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


Pakistan will victory the cup for most number of thrilling competitions in ODI cricket history. One of those competitions came in 1987 world cup when they were dashing 217 runs against West Indies. Pakistan were cruising well and were 200 runs for when lost 3 fast wickets. But Abdul Qadir and Saleem Jaffar hold their bravery and gained the match on the last ball of runs with only one wicket the outstanding.

7. India V England 2011 Group Stage

Best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


A tangled match is always exciting, especially when together both teams scored more than 300 runs. In last 10 overs it kept swaying on together side and lastly over as tie which was the top potential outcome.  India V England 2011 Group Stage is in 5th position from the top 10 best Cricket World Cup Matches.

6. Australia V England 1987 Final

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


England has the best chance to win a World Cup. They were hurtling 255 runs on Eden Garden and were well composed at 135 runs in 2 when Alan Border dismissed Gatting. It required rate ongoing going up and finally England needed 17 in the last over. This was the first time when a world cup final expired so close. Australia grasp their nerve and won the match by 7 runs. This final persisted as the adjoining and record electrifying world cup final ever.

5. India V West Indies 1983 Final

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


West Indies  give 184 to race in the World Cup final, you may not want to increase your hope great. Kapil and his Indian team had changed plans. They went on to protect 184 beside a batting stroke up which included Haynes, Llyod, Greenidge, Dujon, Viv Richards and Gomes. There will overpower the huge control and India became only the second state to success a world cup.

4. Ireland V England 2011 Group Stage

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


Kevin O Brien will be buzzing this instant always and Ireland will always demand this triumph as one of their risky World Cup success. Ireland dashed down 328 runs after being 111 for 5 in 25 overs. Kevin O Brien champions the fastest time in the world cup past and verified one of the highest world cup victory ever. This exciting encounter went on to grow one of the best cricket world cup matches continually.

3. South Africa V England 1992 Semifinal

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


South Africa is called most unsuccessful team, particularly in the world cup. This was the first such time and  according to cricket followers, most strange condition when South Africa wanted 19 runs in 1 ball to reach final. According to Duckworth Louis law, it was that time it was changed and we got enhanced directions for rain affected matches.

2. West Indies V Pakistan 1975

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


First shocking match in the World Cup past. West Indies were chasing in 267 runs and collapsed to 202 runs in 9 overs. But Murray with Roberts did something incredible and went on to success an almost lost match in last finished with one wicket remaining.West Indies V Pakistan 1975 is in 2nd position from the top 10 best Cricket World Cup Matches.

1. South Africa V Australia 1999 Semifinal

best Cricket World Cup Matches 2016


Most thrilling and one of the greatest cricket world cup matches ever. No one can forget how Klusener single-handedly took South Africa to winning situation from losing situation. More than that no one will ever find out whose fault it was at last over, Klusener who took cheerless path or Donald who should run instead of observing ball.

These are 10 Best Cricket World Cup Matches forever. Matches with close finish, with amazing outcomes and nail biting moments.  Like and share this list with your friends as well.