Cricket history is full of Everlasting heroism in Batting Department. But There is Few Batsmen Who Will Remembered for their Fantastic Batting in the Closing Moments of the Match. we Are Going to Make An List of Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket, Batsmen With Ability to score quickly in high pressure situations and maintaining a cool head, a feature which has also sets Them apart from others. we call them Most Reliable Batsmen. This is Not Full and Finale List You May Participate in The List Via Comment. Here is The Our List of “Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket History“.

 Best Finishers in Cricket History

10- Viv Richards

Best Finishers in Cricket

In a nutshell The man who gave “swagger” new meaning in cricket, Richards was the most destructive batsman of his era, and while there are many with greater records, few could take on, intimidate, and rip to shreds bowling attacks like he did. Also Was The One of best Finishers In the history.

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  • 1) MS DHONI
    2) MS DHONI
    3) MS DHONI
    4) MS DHONI
    5) MS DHONI
    6) MS DHONI
    7) MS DHONI
    8) MS DHONI
    9) MS DHONI
    10) MS DHONI

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  • Idris

    Shahid afridi

    • afzaal

      All good but abdul razzaq must in top 3 position razzaq won many matches alone and he is not only bat he is Fintestic bowler 100 wickets in test 285 wickets in ODI and also many in t20 so abdul is a great match winer with the bowl and bat.

  • Midhun M

    I think MSD should come first because Bevan was only a batsman and nt a captain. MSD is also Indian captain which always adds an additional pressure

  • rob

    Dhoni shud b 1st coz he redifined cricket textbuks, he got nerves of steel he leads, motivates n his contribution to Indian cricket n acheivments are at par. His effect is more dominating than Bevan’s. Also his presence. Bevan was not such a hard hitter also Bevan’s strike rates we’re hugely overshadowed by dhoni’s immense hunger to rip apart the fielding side top to bottom. He literally snatches the victory

  • pradeep

    i should pick Klusener No 1 , TEndulkar is great but he is not a good finisher. so Klusener

  • yeah, he was great finisher. but you can’t put him ahead of Michael Bevan and Dhoni.

  • Vivek

    Dhoni is the greatest finisher of all times. He is the only batsman in the history who has 100+ average in the matches won while chasing. And guess what, Kohli is at no. 2 with an average off around 85. So you need to update the list and give the place to Kohli after Dhoni. Who becomes even more dangerous when the team is chasing a big score. And also after Miandad I’d place Yuvraj Singh. He has won many matches for India single handedly. Out of his 39 not out innings he has won matches for India in 26 innings while chasing.

    • I Think You Are Thinking to Replace Everyone With Indian Batsmen……. 🙂

  • Finisher

    Good List , But for me it is:

    1)MS Dhoni /Micheal Bevan.

    2)Mike Hussey.

    3)Lance Klusner.

    4)Yuvraj Singh.

    5)Mahela Jayawerdene

    6)Abdul Razzak.

    7)James Faulkner.

    This doesn’t means that these batsmen are better than batting greats like Sachin,Inzamam,ABD,Virat Kohli, Ponting , Dravid ,Kallis etc .

  • YO BOY

    MS Dhoni???? really?