Best Goals FIFA WorldCup 2014

Four hundred million tweets, one hundred and seventy one goals, 3.4 million fans were added up to organize FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Fans of Footie might be leaving from Brazil right now because this huge tournament is over, but we have started to collect no: ‘s from one of the biggest football events in the world.

Best Goals FIFA WorldCup 2014This time, Fifa worldcup became the hottest topic to be tweeted in the history and if you talk about selfies, posts and other viral stuff, it did break all previous records. huge amount of budget used in this brilliantly organized world event. These numbers include most goals in the tournament, some unique team rules and regulations. Total of 171 goals were scored in the tournament. in this post we are going to present you the Top 10 Best Goals FIFA WorldCup 2014.

Top 10 Best Goals FIFA WorldCup 2014

10. Jermaine Jones (USA)

Against Portugal

Jermaine Jones with a Patriot Missile from 24 yards that curves sexily into the Portuguese net. Beto doesn’t even move.

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9. Gervinho (Ivory Coast)

Against Colombia

A wonderful goal by Gervinho. He gets the ball on the left and dribbles past 3 players before smashing the ball home.

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8. Andre Schurrle (Germany)

Against Brazil

Wonderful Goal from Andre Schurrle Making it 7-0 for Gemany, letter Brazil Scored one to finish the match with 7-1.

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7. Lional Messi (Argentina)

Against Nigeria

Messi sends in a beautiful free kick over the wall and it curls into the net! Argentina.

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6. Lional Messi (Argentina)

Against Iran

Messi shoots a screamer from outside the box. Haghighi tries but it is unable to reach the ball.

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  • Think RVP’s has to be #1. The others are outstanding but a little more straight forward. The timing, ingenuity, and technique of RVP’s was incredible. Sure there are how-to videos of the other ones but don’t think there are any for RVP’s.