Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016

Ski jumping as we know is a form of normal skiing in which athletes descend from a specially constructed takeoff ramp (known as the inrun), jump from the end of it with as much power as they can generate, and “fly” as far as possible down a steeply sloped hill. Here is the Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016.

Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016


10. Rok Urbanc

Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016

Rok Urbanc is a Slovenian ski jumper. He won his first World Cup event in Zakopane in 2007. He is one of the Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016 without any doubt. With his amazing skill and talented techniques, he lands himself in the tenth position of this amazing list. He deserves this position.

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9. Primoz Peterka

Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016

Primoz Peterka   is a Slovenian  ski jumper. He has won fifteen World Cup events, two consecutive World Cup titles; a ski flying World Cup title; and a Four Hills Tournament. He is held in regard as one of Slovenia’s most successful sportsmen.

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8. Adam Henryk Malysz

Top 10 Best Ski Jumpers 2016

Adam Henryk Malysz  is a Polish former ski jumper and current rally driver. One of the most successful ski jumpers of all time, Malysz’s many accomplishments in the sport include four individual Winter Olympic medals, four individual World Championship gold medals (an all-time record),  four individual World Cup titles (all-time record shared with Matti Nykanen), 39 individual competition wins, a total of 96 podiums (individual and team), and being the only ski jumper to have won three consecutive World Cup titles (2001, 2002 and 2003).

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