Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes

Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes

Anime which refers to Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation is a global phenomenon. Animes have been nominated for Oscars and their movies have grossed millions across the globe. Though due to localization it was initially available to only Japanese audience but it was soon dubbed and reached the western shores from where it became popular in the entire world. Though most of the popular animes like Naruto and Dragonball Z are of action genre, sports animes are among the best animes ever made. Here we countdown the Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes.

Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes


10. Yowamushi Pedal

Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes

yowamushi pedal

At number 10 in Biggest Sports Animes is Yowamushi Pedal. This anime is about cycling and though it sounds kinda boring, stick with it and you will be in for a surprise. It’s about an otaku (person obsessed with anime) who has no friends who discovers in high school that he can an uncanny talent in cycling. It’s not only does a good job in explaining the world of cycling but also through its exciting races makes the viewer understand the underlying strategy and tactics involved in cycling. Who knew cycling was so deep right?

9. Captain Tsubasa

Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes

captain tsubasa

At number 9 is Captain Tsubasa. No Sports anime list is complete without this one. Captain Tsubasa is to sports anime what Dragonball is to action; this is enough to signify its importance. It follows the story of 11 year old Tsubasa who joins a new school and soon becomes an integral part of its soccer team and his journey to join the national team. This anime inspired a generation of kids to get out of their houses and enjoy the game.

8. Eyeshield 21

Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes

eyeshield 21

At number 8 in Top 10 Biggest Sports Animes is Eyeshield 21. It is the only anime which focuses on American Football and its does a great job in explaining the game and its rules. The story is about Sena, a weak and coward high school student who in his years of escaping from bullies has become unbelievably fast and this is noticed by the soccer captain of the school who puts Sena in the team and makes him wear an Eyeshield with number 21, making him the mysterious Eyeshield 21 who shocks everyone with his blazing speed.

  • Saitama

    My list is,

    10)Baby Steps
    9)Eyeshield 21
    8)Slam Dunk
    7)Inazuma Eleven
    5)Prince of Tennis
    4)Area No Kishi
    2)Hajime no Ippo
    1)Kuroko No Basket