Climbing higher and higher should be the aspiration of our lives. While some people are really scared of doing this in literal sense, others have made a sport out of it. There are numerous games and sports that require climbing. Rock climbing is also an indoor sport now, with artificial walls that are made by humankind to look like rocks. While it may be a leisure sport to play indoors, the thrill of the outside world is still worth grabbing on to. Here we bring you the Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports. Hope you enjoy the list.

Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports – The Exclusive

Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports list
Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports

So it is time to pack the rucksack and get going because these top 10 climbing games and sports will literally rock your world. Apart from that horrible pun, in this following bit, you will also find tips and tricks on being successful at this sport. Read on!

10. Traditional climbing

Traditional climbing Is among the Dangerous climbing games
Traditional climbing

At number 10, we have traditional climbing. It is one of the most dangerous climbing games. It also additionally known as trad climbing and is similar to ‘sports climbing‘. Unlike other dangerous and deadly sports in this list, this sport is actually meant for beginners. The features of trad climbing are manifold as they have a strong focus on exploration and adventure. Traditional climbing has a strict dedication to leaving nature unharmed by avoiding use of older means of protection such as pitons, which used to destroy the rocks. It allows all kinds of apparatus to help the climber from not falling off. This sport is also known as bolted face climbing.

9. Aid Climbing

Aid Climbing Is among the Climbing sports that are dangerous
Aid Climbing

At number 9 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have Aid climbing. Which not actually a sport but requires just the amount of skill and talent to pursue. It is one of the Climbing sports that are dangerous. As the name suggests, an aid is used for this type of climbing. This is a sport in which standing on or pulling oneself up through devices attached to a specific place or placed protection is used to make upward progress. A ladder-like device, called an aider is usually used to support the climber or protect the climber against falling down.

8. Rope climbing

Rope climbing Is among the Adventurous sports
Rope climbing

At number 8 of top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have rope climbing. It is one of the most adventurous sports. As the name suggests, ropes are used to climb into altitudes in this sport. This sport may or may not contain a rocky surface, a mountain or even hills. It is as simple as the name of this sport. Competitors are usually required to climb a freely suspended rope in order to win in this game. The use of any gear is restricted and the participant can only use bare hands (protective gloves in beginner scenarios) to climb up. This game required huge amount of upper body strength and is very useful to build up the same.

7. Abseiling

Abseiling Is among the Adventurous climbing sports

At number 7 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have abseiling. It is one of the most adventurous climbing sports. While every other game in this list is about climbing up, this one is about climbing down. Participants use this descending method when a cliff or slope is too steep or dangerous to climb down without protection. Nevertheless, it is a climbing sport and is a very interesting one at that.

6. Mixed climbing

Mixed climbing Is among the Daring sports
Mixed climbing

At number 6 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have mixed climbing. It is one of the most daring sports. Mixed climbing is a mishmash of ice climbing as well as rock climbing which generally requires using ice climbing equipment such as crampons and other ice tools. The sport is really popular among professionals mountaineers as well as beginners. The ice is a real big deal here; if a person can’t survive the ice…there is no point in leading up to this point.

5. Ice climbing

Ice climbing Is among the Daring games
Ice climbing

At number 5 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have this extremely dangerous climbing sport i.e. ice climbing. It is one of the most Daring games. Much like Mixed climbing this one in the list is also a sport that must be taken up cautiously. Just like the name suggest, participants are required to climb ice covered Alps which is very difficult to survive.  Special gear such as ice boots and tools to dig into the ice are usually carried for the sport.

4. Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing Is among the Daring climbing sports
Sport Climbing

At number 4 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have this amazing sport climbing. It is one of the most Daring climbing sports. This sport is similar to traditional climbing in many ways. The path of climbing is fixed and is guided with fixed equipment and gears to help the climber reach his/her goal. Sport climbing is more competitive than trad climbing.

3. Bouldering

Bouldering Is among the Daring climbing games

At number 3 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have bouldering. It is one of the most Daring climbing games. No harness, no ropes no equipment, no protection is used in this sport. This is on number 3 of this list because of the level of difficulty this game deals with. It is probably one of the most dangerous sports in the history but there are people who do it effortlessly because they have been training for this their entire life.

2. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Is among the Extremely dangerous climbing sport
Rock Climbing

At number 2 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have rock climbing. As said before it is among indoor games now as well as outdoor games. The thrill continues no matter what.  It is one of the most extremely dangerous climbing sports. The indoor artificial rock climbing arenas are also termed as rock climbing gyms, where people usually come to have a recreational time off. While dangerous outside, this has an added advantage of safety gears. This is very beneficial for people who aspire to be mountaineers or are being trained. The participants usually have to climb up and/ or across the built rocks. Rock climbing is usually assisted by a trainer; hence it is a very good learning tool for a beginner.

1. Mountaineering

Mountaineering Is among the Adventurous climbing games

At number 1 of Top 10 Climbing Games and Sports, we have the most common form of climbing i.e. mountaineering. It is one of the most Adventurous climbing games. Mountaineers are also called alpinists in some languages. The amounts of adrenaline rush this sports gives us is incomparable. Usually mountaineers go through harsh climatic conditions to reach the highest point on mountain. Most of the time, the goal is to survive and reach the place where no man has gone before. Mountaineers nowadays have a lot of advanced technologies to keep them guided in the Alps. This may be termed as recreational sport but the real hunger for adventure and discovery is what feeds the recreational hobby.

All of these games are extremely adventurous as well as dangerous. Negligence of proper precautions will lead to mishaps and may even result into serious injuries and death. It is advised by the professionals that the climber must carry enough supplies and tools to survive in the wilderness, in case something happens. It is also advised to pack as light as possible and have all the right gears for climbing and surviving at the top. Finally, the experience will be with you no matter what. So get professional help and go climbing once in a lifetime. This one is a must try on the traveler’s bucket list.