Top 10 Most Controversial Tennis Players of All Time

For many years, Tennis has been known for being a wonderful sport in which good manners and politeness are the common denominators in every single match and every single tournament. However, there have been some players that far from being like this, has been characterized by their ability to shock the fans not only because of their talent, but also because of a series of unusual events that doesn’t have anything to do with these features. These are the most controversial players of all time.

Controversial Tennis Stars
Controversial Tennis Legends of All Time
Top 10 Most Controversial Tennis Players of All Time

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10. Lleyton Hewitt

Lleyton Hewitt
Hewitt – Most Controversial Tennis Champions

A lot of passion is something that sometimes can get you in trouble. This is fact that this great Australian player knows very well, being a man who constantly polarized the public by the intensity with which he behaved in the court.

The best example of this feature was when he played against Juan Ignacio Chela in 2005, and he angrily celebrated an unforced error which gave him the game. Plunged into rage by this attitude, the Argentinean spat on Hewitt´s back when they went to sit.

Although this was a disgusting reaction, there were some people who actually justify this action because of Hewitt´s provocative celebrations in almost every match.

9. Ernests Gulbis

Controversial Tennis Players of All Time
Gulbis – Controversial Tennis Players of All Time

Known as the wild child of Tennis, this is probably the most controversial player today because of a series of comments and attitudes that have created a strong antipathy towards him. He said that people like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic or Murray were extremely boring in their interviews because of the polite fashion that doesn’t have anything to do with how things were in the past.

Besides feeling nostalgic for the trash talking and claiming that tennis rivalries must be like boxing, Gulbis constantly shows an irreverent behavior when he´s playing, being this the reason why most of the players doesn’t get along with him.

8. Michael Chang

Michael Chang
Chang – One of the most controversial Tennis Players

The reason why this former tennis player was one of the most controversial was because his bizarre ability to disconcert many of his rivals, in a way that some seen as a provocative joke. The most famous case was in Roland Garros final against Ivan Lendl, when Chang achieved his only Grand Slam title. In this incredible match, he was two sets down and made a spectacular Comeback, thanks to his magnificent skills and the art to get his opponent out of his mind.

First of all, he started to hit slow looping returns “moonballs”, which managed to puts him ahead 4-3 on the last set, converting the Philippe Chatrier court into a twilight dimension in which the public was unable to believe what was happening in front of their eyes. However, the most fantastic moment came when he was serving, deciding to execute an underhand serve in order to confuse Lendl. This unforgettable strategy works and he finally won the match, after an unthinkable double fault that the Czech legend committed.

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