Cross Fit Athletes 

Cross Fit Athletics started as a one-day competition with just 70 athletes in 2007 has exploded into an international multi-stage event, including Open and Regional competitions and culminating in the Games, a crazy-tough spectacle of 40 men and 40 women, whittled down from an initial pool of hundreds of thousands.

Cross Fit Athletes 2016
Cross Fit Athletes 2016

The aim of the Games is to find what Cross Fit deems the “Fittest On Earth,” and in order to do that, the challenges of the competition aren’t announced until right before the Games begin. which means that the athletes can’t target-train for the specific events but instead must exhibit many attributes of fitness, from raw strength to strength-endurance to speed to power. Let us take a look at the Cross fit athletes.

Top 10 Cross Fit Athletes

10. Dan Bailey:

Cross fit Athletes 2016

We start our list of Cross fit Athletes 2016 with Dan Bailey. Bailey is the media darling of Cross Fit, working for the headquarters and often used as the face of the sport. He’s competing out of California this year, having moved out of the North East region. Jentgen points out that as a former collegiate sprinter, he’s likely to do well in short, fast events. Bailey has been in cross fit for over 2 years and he quotes  his experience as, “I began Cross Fit by trying it alone without a coach. I have completed the Cross Fit Level 1 certificate course. I have attended one or more specialty courses. I train other people”

9. Scott Panchik:

Cross fit Athletes 2016

The next cross fit athlete to come to our list in Scott Panchik. “Panchik is one of the guys who wasn’t the best because Froning always beat him in Regionals, but he was always close,” says Nief. He’s someone who is built for CrossFit-he’s very strong and doesn’t seem to get tired.  “He always will be a threat to finish on the podium,” Nief says. Weighing 187 pounds, Panchik is a former college running back is a perennial games placer.

8. Daniel Tyminski:

Cross fit Athletes 2016

The 29 year old cross fit athlete residing from New York, Daniel Tyminski is the next in our list of Cross fit Athletes 2016.

A would-be major contender in last year’s Games, Tyminski earned not a spot on the podium but a long-recovery–during chest-ups, he sprained his shoulder so badly he had to drop out of the competition. His national ranking dropped hundreds of places, but now, with his deadlift back up to 525 lbs, he’s set to make a strong impression in the 2015 Games. He heard about CrossFit as an airborne infantry man stationed in Alaska.

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