Debunked Sports Myths

The world of sports is an age-old source of great entertainment for people. It has always harvested some great talents, as a result of which, athletes have managed to snatch the place of stars. They are out of reach, and the complexities in the world of sports are innumerable, simply because there are many different kinds of games, and every nation is trying its best to set the best rules and also harvest the talents.

Top 10 Debunked Sports Myths
Top 10 Debunked Sports Myths

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Thus, the sports industry and its celebrities are just like enigma to the common people. As we see in every other segment of the entertainment world, people love to talk about the celebrities, their lives, and about the field itself. Quite naturally, these give rise to many rumors and gossips, which get circulated, so much so, that after a certain point of time, people start believing in the stories. These are nothing but myths, and they are widely spread. Let’s look at the truth behind some of the greatest sports myths. Here is a list of top 10 debunked sports myths:

Top 10 Debunked Sports Myth

Myth 1: America’s colleges give full-ride scholarship to athletes

Many people believe that colleges of the American states provide full scholarship to athletic prospects, which is absolutely not true. Many people from other countries think it’s easier to be an athlete in America than any other place in the world, whereas, the actual fact is something different. The chances of getting a full ride scholarship for sports in any American college is just 1%, and such a scope is also restricted to sports like football, tennis, basketball, women’s volleyball and gymnastics. An average scholarship pays the student $10,400 per year, whereas, just the tuition fees of the colleges vary from $9,000 to $30,000, and the students also have to bear the cost of $10,000 per year for boarding. Moreover, the scholarships are not at all a guarantee till the course ends because that has to be renewed every single year.

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