Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazine 2016

Sports Magazines are one of the best methods of spreading sports related news over the world to its sports lovers.  In 1886, the first sports oriented magazine was published in United States. There are vast numbers of sports magazines circulating worldwide of which some are globally based, and some are regionally based. It is always an attraction for any sports fans to have a good copy of a widely popular sports magazine to cherish their passion for sports, so here is the list of Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazines 2016.

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazine 2016

10. SLAM:

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazine 2016

We start our  list of Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazine 2016 with SLAM. The first issue of American basketball oriented magazine SLAM was published in 1994 as a blend of hardcore sports with hip hop cultures. The magazine has already published 179 issues featuring numerous star basketball players on the covers since it was founded. With detailed interviews, profiles of famous NBA and college players, team statistics, and tons of other info involving basketball news, Slam is the leading expert on all-things related to basketball.

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9. Golf Magazine:

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazine 2016

The next article to come to our list of Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazines 2016 is Golf Magazine. The first issue of Global Golf oriented magazine Golf Magazine was published in 1959, and eventually became the first golf magazine in history to reach more than one million circulations. It is currently owned by Time Inc. and has more than 1.4 million subscribers worldwide. Golf Magazine serves as an overall valuable source for the people, products, and places that matter in the world of professional and local golf.

8. Baseball Digest:

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Magazine 2016
basketball digest

The first issue of American baseball magazine Baseball Digest was published in 1942 and now it publishes 6 issues per year by the Grandstand Publishing. The digest also annually chooses both a best player and a best pitcher while including profiles, trivia questions and prospect analysis in every issue. Besides various events of baseball such as Major League Baseball, it also has “fans speak out” letters section for their devoted fans.

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