Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network

While any sporting event is meant to be witnessed by being present in the stadium, it’s not at all possible for every sports fan to make the pilgrimage to catch their favorite team or player in action and thus started the sports broadcasting. It started as live commentary for radio has now evolved into specific networks solely based on sports with their own shows on rising stars, historic matches, documentary, etc on any specific sports. Here we countdown the Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network based on their subscription revenues.

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network

10. CBS Sports Network

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network

At number 10 in Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network is CBS Sports Network which is owned by CBS Corporations. It was initially launched as National College Sports Network but was later rebranded into CBS Sports Network after CBS acquired it. Though it was initially a college focused network, now its more of a mainstream sports network with particular focus on collegiate sports and other smaller leagues and events along with radio shows and studio and analysis programs. It reaches 61 million households worldwide and has revenue of US$ 190.3 million from subscriptions.


Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network

At number 9 is NBA TV owned by the National Basketball Association and operated by Turner Broadcasting System. The network is wholly dedicated to basketball and airs exhibition, regular and playoff matches of NBA and related basketball leagues such as NBA-D league and WNBA along with analysis programs, specials and documentaries. It is available to 57.2 million homes worldwide and earns US$ 199 million in subscription revenues.

8. MLB Network

Top 10 Exclusive Sports Network

At number 8 is MLB Network primarily owned by Major League Baseball. As evident from the name itself, this network solely provides coverage on MLB as well as the world baseball scene. It airs live and repeat telecasts of matches, Regular season and post season discussions and analysis programs, international matches, daily news and other documentaries. It caters to baseball fans worldwide by reaching 71.3 million homes and earning US$ 222.5 million in subscriptions.

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