Top 10 Fast Bowlers 2016

Cricket is third best watched major team sport after Football and Rugby and cricket is at its greatest when a fast bowler running in at complete speed and terrorizing batsmen. This list contains the names of players like Dale Stey, Shane Bond, Breet Lee and many more players. Check out the complete list of top 10 fast bowlers of 2016 in Cricket History.

Everyone loves swiftness, and these 10 bowlers are presently the fastest bowlers in Cricket and are an essence of speed. So, here at Sporteology we bring you the list with the top 10 fastest bowlers of  2016 in cricket with the highest speed ever noted.

Top 10 Fast Bowlers 2016 – The Exclusive List

10. Dale Steyn

Top 10 Fast Bowlers 2016

Dale Steyn was number 1 test bowler for last several years and he is more known for his compact line & distance than pure pace. His fastest bowl is detailed at 155.7 kmph, but that does make him one of the fastest bowlers around today.  Dale Steyn is one of the most iconic bowlers in cricket history, probably the most experienced one are and the 10th fastest bowlers 2016 all time in this list.

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9. Shane Bond

Top 10 Fast Bowlers 2016

A useful, fast bowler with a plane run-up and bowling deed, Shane Bond was continuous threat to batsman all over the world, but like several other genuine fast bowlers his profession was overwhelmed by injuries but when suitable he was quite a spectacle. His fastest bowl is recorded at 156.2 kmph in South Africa through world cup 2003.  Shane occupies 9th place in the list of Top 10 Fast Bowlers 2016.

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8. Muhammad Sami

Top 10 Fast Bowlers 2016

Another fast bowler with the same story, a brilliant young man with a very smooth criket profession is Muhammad Sami. He was a genuine fast bowler, but often misused his line and distance in hunt speed. His fastest ball was noted at 156.4 kmph beside Zimbabwe in UAE. Muhammad is ranked on the 8th position from the list of top 10 fastest bowlers 2016.

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