Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in The History of Cricket.

Fastest Bowlers

Fastest Bowlers: Cricket is a very Famous & Widely Played Game in the World & Bowling is a Crucial Part of the Cricket. There are lots of very Famous, fast & Aggressive bowlers in the history of Cricket who Made Their Names by Their Speed.Here is The List of Top 10 Most Fastest Bowlers of the History.

Edit: Australia’s Premier Fast Bowler Mitchell Johnson has Bowled 156.8 kmph Delivery  at MCG, Against England in 4th Test Day 3. That Make him 7th fastest Bowler in History, Ahead of Muhammad Sami (156.4). Previously Muhammad Sami Was at #7.

Please Note: this list is about quickest bowlers of all time not best fast bowlers. you can also read our list of Top 10 Greatest Fast Bowlers here. we have also compiled a list for our readers “Current Fastest Bowlers“, who are currently playing international cricket.

Top 10 Fastest Bowlers Of All Time

  • 01- Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar Bowling Speed: 161.3 kmph

Watch Video

Shoaib Akhtar is a Former Pakistani right arm very Fast Bowler. who Represented the Pakistan National Team in All Forms of The Game, Shoaib Akhtar is Also Known As Rawalpindi Express. He is Regarded as the Fastest Bowler in the History of the Cricket. He set an official world record by achieving the fastest delivery, of 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) against England in 2003 World Cup.  ( Watch Video )

  • 02- Brett Lee

Brett Lee Bowling Speed: 161.1

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Brett Lee is the fastestest Australian bowler in the Austrailian Cricket History, and the 2nd Fastest of All Time in The History of Cricket. He bowled his fastest delivery of 160.8 kmph against New Zealand at Napier in 2005. ( Watch Video )

  • 03- Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait Bowling Speed: 161.1

Shaun Tait 160.7 kmph Ball

Shaun William Tait is a Right Arm fast Bowler Who Represented Australian National Cricket Team, Shaun Tait is The No 3 in the fastest Bowlers list he bowled his fastest delivery of 161.1 kmph against England.

 How Is the Bowling Speed Measured in Cricket

  • 04- Jeffrey Thompson

Jeff Thompson Bowling Speed: 160.4

Fastest Bowlers

 Jeffrey Robert Thomson is a former Australian Right Arm Faster Bowler, he is at No 4 in the List.was the Fastest Bowler in His Era, his fastest delivery is 160.4 kmph against West Indies in Perth 1975.

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  • 05- Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts Bowling Speed: 159.5 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

 Andy Roberts is a former West Indian Fast Bowler. He was the excellent fast bowler, twice taking seven wickets in an innings of a Test match. His fastest delivery is 159.5 kph against Australia in Perth 1975.

  • 06- Fidel Edwards

Fidel Edwards Bowling Speed: 157.7

Fastest Bowlers

Fidel Henderson Edwards is a West Indian Fast bowler, he is Playing For West Indies National Team Till Now. His fastest delivery is 157.7 kmph Came against South Africa in 2003. he is currently fastest of the world.

  • 7. Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson bowling speed: 156.8 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

Mitchell Johnson is the Australia’s Premier Fast Bowler, Who Can also Bat Low Down the Order. Mitchell Johnson is at #7 in list of Fastest Bowlers. he Bowled a Delivery with the speed of 156.8 kmph, 1n 4th Ashes Test, Day 3 Against England December 2013 at MCG.

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  • 08- Mohammad Sami

Muhammad Sami Bowling Speed: 156.4 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

Mohammad Sami is a Pakistani Right Arm Fast Bowler. he is The 2nd Fastest Bowler in The Pakistan Cricket History and the No 7 in Our List. His fastest delivery 156.4 kmph ODI Came Out at Sharjah against Zimbabwe in April 2003.

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  • 09- Shane Bond

Shane Bond Bowling Speed: 156.4

Fastest Bowlers

Shane Edward Bond New Zealand’s Right Arm Fast Bowler.Most Dangerous Bowler of His Time, His fastest delivery is – 156.4 kmph During World Cup 2003.

  • 10- Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn Bowling Speed: 155.7

Fastest Bowlers

Dale Willem Steyn is a South African Right Arm Fast Bowler. undoubtedly one of the greatest in history of fast bowling. His Fastest Delivery 155.7 kmph ODI Was Recorded against New Zealand. steyn is also at 2nd position in Top 10 Current Fastest Bowlers in the World.

  • 10- Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga Bowling Speed: 155.7

Fastest Bowlers

Separamadu Lasith Malinga is a Sri Lankan Right Arm Fast Bowler. He is a specialist fast bowler of shorter version of cricket, with a rare round-arm action. His fastest delivery is 155.7 kmph During World Cup 2011 against New Zealand at Mumbai.

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  • Zahid bhat

    What about morie morkel

  • mughal

    Morkal has bowled a delivery about 173.9 in IPL. . this happened because of technical problem in Hawk-Eye. so it was not official.

    • Zahid bhat

      Thnx to leave my confusion

  • Jignesh D Parmar

    on the list you missed javagal srinath he will come on 9th place with 156kmph which he bowled against south africa….

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal

      source of your information ?

  • Bilal Riaz

    Pakistan is best in the world..

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal


    • Brendan Ryan

      I guess youre rethinking THAT comment… considering the royal thrashing currently taking place… SMith has Pakistan over his lap…. using his bat as a paddle…

    • Sandeep

      Pakistan is bullshit…Why don’t you move BrettLee to no.1 spot as proof is already share?????

      • Khabir Uddin Mughal

        that was not a legal delivery. everyone who understand the cricket could understand. read shoaib akhtar’s profile on they also declared him as fastest bowler in the world .
        gunnes book of world records has also admit that.
        i can’t understand why you people are jealous. why everyone forcing me to do what does not exist.

      • Khabir Uddin Mughal

        now what kind of proof i would provide you. also endorse my ranking, thay used my post as reference in their article about fast bowling. so now what you want???

      • Richeal Solando

        Why you people just hating talent from Pakistan ? Shoaib Akhar is the fastest bowler in the cricket history and you hate for does not prove that he is not the fastest bowler in cricket.

        • Patrick Names

          The hate doesn’t, the evidence however does.

      • richi rich

        Hahahaha, there is not even one Indian thats on the list, most Indians can’t even clock 140 kmph with injuring themselves, Pakistan has multiple records in fast bowling, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Mohammad Sami, Imran Khan, and recently Junaid too.

  • Brendan Ryan

    This list might be the FASTEST bowlers, but these surely arent the best fast bowlers… Now THATS a list I would definately like to see…

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal

      yes, your ri8. it’s about fastest bowlers, not best bowlers.

  • Khabir Uddin Mughal

    i have visited, you have to need to visit.

    • Selva
      • Khabir Uddin Mughal

        thanks !
        but most of sources deny that. so iam still searching for that.

      • Khabir Uddin Mughal

        his 2nd best speed was 93 mph, that’s mean his 97 mph delivery should be an technology error. just like Morne Morkal’s 173.9 delivery in IPL. so i am still thinking about it.

        • Khabir Uddin Mughal

          if he was capable to bowl 156 kph delivery then why he didn’t touch 153, 154, 155 kph again.

  • Reaz Mohammed

    Thomson was the all time fastest bowler; there is no doubt about that. At his era there wasn’t any speed gun to accurately measure the bowling speed. I am not undermining the likes of Shoaib Akhtar or Brett Lee who played a major part in reviving the art of fast bowling. But Thomson is arguably the fastest of all time. His recorded speed of 160.4 kph is one of his regular effortless deliveries not putting lot of effort on that particular delivery. In his peak time he was seen to bowl much faster than that particular recorded delivery.

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal

      how we could explain that he was the fastest ?. the only source we have “Speed measuring devices ” and according to the Speed measuring devices shoaib akhtar was the fastest then Thomson. guinness book of world records also admit that

      • Patrick Names

        We can use the available evidence. The speeds for Roberts, and Thomson were averaged over the length of the pitch. Also the likes of Tait, Akhtar, and Lee had pretty much every deliver of their international careers measured, and they struggled to occasionally get up near a random ball bowled by Thomson in net conditions. Any reasonable evaluation of the evidence clearly (and unarguably really) shows that Thomson was the fastest bowler since Tyson, and likely the fastest ever.

        If you think that the technology used today is giving comparable readings to that used in the 70s then Shane Watson and Stuart Binny are faster than Michael Holding, ridiculous.

    • Sar

      How can u say that ? Have you faced his delivery ????

      • Bhumi

        That time Pitch was not so Good so 160 is Enough Speed , And Now this time Pitch like Floor n Bowler Still 161 , Old is Gold

      • Niel

        Just asked the top batsman that faced him, they feared him.

    • Adnan Khan

      U said, At his era there wasn’t any speed gun to accurately measure, then i’ll say he was the slowest bowler, bcz at his era there wasn’t any speed gun … am i right???

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  • Dennis

    What about Shaun Tait vs England in the 5th ODI back in 2010… He bowled 100.1 mph (161.1km/h)

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal

      source ?

      • Mr tait

        YouTube recording

        • Khabir Uddin Mughal

          corrected boss. check now

  • Sam

    I think you should update this because Brett Lee actually bowled 161.8 km/h. It was only classified as a leg wide because it was one day cricket but it was still faster than any other bowler. Can you explain why you didn’t include this?? ( Thanks.

  • Alister_Troup

    Harold Larwood was in the 90 -100 mph range in the 1930’s pre-radar days so not accurate but worthy an Honourable mention?

  • nik

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  • Syed Ibrar Ahmed

    But whats about greatest ever Waqar Younous…??????

  • georgefripley

    Devon Malcolm was clocked at 156.1 kmh in Perth, I thought (The West Australian newspaper in May 2000) And Brett Lees 161.8 was disputed and put down to an erroneous recording due to external interference of the radar’s signal. Two back-up radars recorded the correct speed of 142kph for the delivery (source Cricinfo).

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal

      brett lee’s 161.8 was disputed your right, but he bowled 161.1kph. so i have considering his 161.1 (undisputed) not 161.8 (disputed).

      • Khabir Uddin Mughal

        Malcolm’s 161.1 source link please

        • georgefripley

          This was sourced from Cricinfo also – and I take your point re: Brett Lee

          • Khabir Uddin Mughal

            thank you.

  • Ahmad

    The reason that shoaib akhtar is on the top is because he has delivered the ball of 160+kph more than 6 times in his career.

  • bondy

    im a masive fan of shane bong and a im from nz, his fastst delivery is 157.7kmph in the 2000/01 vb series aganst australias riki ponting. but you will never see the footage iv been serching for it for years

    • Khabir Uddin Mughal

      he was my all time favorite mate. if you found the footage or any other evidence, please do send me, i will change up the list.

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  • Khabir Uddin Mughal

    his speed record is not available with over 150kmph speed. if any one have, please give me, i will include…
    he was one of most talented fast bowler world of cricket have ever seen,,,, but injuries … oh

  • Harry Manchanda

    You Forgot 156 kph @Javagal Srinath

  • Khabir Uddin Mughal

    i think you batter read it complete. “This particular delivery was reported by a major Indian News service although the exact date and the match in question has not been confirmed. Some six years on, and all three of these men now struggle to reach 140kph on a good day. ”

    • jay

      I am not gonna argue with you.
      Its my list and my research,deal with it.
      I couldn’t find that video or mention anywhere in any reputed journals or almanacs…

  • bob

    helo alan donald please

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  • Brazen

    The picture of Shoaib tells a story that could explain why he is top of the list!

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  • Sokker1008 AD

    Lasith Malinga is clearly a jokkkke on the name of fast bowling

  • Sokker1008 AD

    Lasith Malinga is clearly a jokkkke on the name of fast bowling

  • Sokker1008 AD

    How about curtniey Ambrose ?

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  • Leon

    50 years of watching cricket and Thomson bowled at Shoaib’s top speed as a matter of course in 1974/5. Viv and Clive Lloyd have both said he was faster than anything.

    But I understand the problem – the only real data is the speed camera so Larwood, Tyson in 1954/5, Lillee in 1971/2 – probably all bowled faster than any of the speeds measured above, but it is all subjective.
    The only real answer comes from the batsmen who faced them. Clive and Viv tell me that Thommo was the fastest of them all – then daylight!!!

    • Ants

      Hold on a minute – I didn’t realised Viv and Clive had faced Lee or Ahktar? If they have then what they said would be worthwhile.

  • Patrick Names

    The list is flawed, all of the modern bowlers were recorded using technology that measures speed out of the hand, the speeds for Roberts, and Thomson were averaged over the length of the pitch. Also the likes of Tait, Akhtar, and Lee had pretty much every deliver of their international careers measured, and they struggled to occasionally get up near a random ball bowled by Thomson in net conditions. Thomson was clearly the fastest bowler since Tyson, and likely the fastest ever.

    If you think that the technology used today is giving comparable readings to that used in the 70s then Shane Watson and Stuart Binny are faster than Michael Holding, ridiculous.

  • Niel

    You don’ have to have faced Thompson, just ask the batsman that faced Thompson, they feared him.

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  • ian senior

    I see that Wez Hall and Gillchrist of the West Indies are omitted! In their times measurement of pace was inaccurate, but they were faster than the no 1 listed.

  • ian senior

    And what about Lillee?

  • richi rich

    Mohammad Sami, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, and even Mohammad Irfan, sorry but the west indies doesn’t have as many fast bowling records as Pakistan does.