Female Boxers 2016

Boxing is One Of Most Popular and Highest Paying Sport in The World. Women’s boxing first appeared in a demonstration bout of the Olympic Games in 1904. Brains and beauty has become quite common nowadays. A beauty who can brawl is the big bet now. These ten women could make a person drop dead with their looks as well as with a well-placed right hook. Let us take a look at the list of  Female Boxers 2016.

female boxers 2016
female boxers 2016
Top 10 Female Boxers 2016

10. Zulina Munoz:

Female Boxers 2016

We start our list of Female Boxers 2016 is Mexican banterweight Zulina ‘La Loba’ Munoz is one hell of a boxer. With a record of 36-1-2 this WBC female super flyweight title holder obviously picked things up well. She made her professional boxing debut on March 11, 2005 at Salon Super Estrella in Ciudad, Mexico. Apart from Boxing she can play the guitar “romantically and beautifully”.

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9. Kaliesha West:

Female Boxers 2016

On number 9 in our list of Female Boxers 2016 is American Kaliesha West. She is a former 3 time WBO Female Bantamweight and IFBA super Bantamweight Boxing World Champion. She is the first professional boxer in history, between to become a World Champion from Inland, CA. With a record of 16-1-3 WBC banterweight is quite shaping up things.

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8. Eva Wahlstorm:

Female Boxers 2016

On number 8 in our list of Female Boxers 2016 is the most successful Finland’s Female Boxer. She is the current WBC women’s super-featherweight champion and a former European women’s super-featherweight champion. With a winning record of 16-1-0, she is arguably one of the most successful boxers in recent times.

She has appeared in Finnish reality television series Suurin pudottaja, a Finnish version of The Biggest Loser, with swimmer Jani Sievinen

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