Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017

Over the years, female gymnastics has found immense support and appreciation on a global scale. There has been the resurgence of the game itself, and the gymnasts have gained an impressive tally of fans worldwide. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017

10. Jazmyn Foberg

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Jazmyn Foberg surprised many by being triumphant at the 2014 US junior nationals — in her very first year qualifying to the junior elite competition! In 2015 she became second to her clubmate Laurie Hernandez, proving yet again that she’s lately one of the top juniors of the nation.

“Jazzy” becomes age-eligible too for Rio in the Olympic year, so she’ll have to really gain suitable experience in the junior ranks until that arrives. Interestingly, Kyla Ross took exactly the same way before 2012 — winning the junior national all-around title just two years before the Olympics and then becoming a senior in the Olympic year. So the inclusion of Jazmyn Foberg to the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017 is unquestionable.

9. Ragan Smith

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Smith is an upcoming talented gymnast who stood third at the 2015 US nationals in the junior division and is now age-eligible for Rio, and she comfortably makes the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017 . She’s coached by the 1991 world all-around champion Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, and is particulary fun to watch on floor.

8. Laurie Hernandez

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Although Laurie Hernandez doesn’t really become age-eligible until the Olympic year, but she’s a real star in the making, and rightfully finds her spot in the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017. She performs with a confident poise and such grace that it belies her young age, and is especially entertaining performing on floor. The 2015 US junior national champion also happened to be the runner-up in 2013.

7. Bailie Key

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Key had become the 2013 US junior national champion and rose to fame consequently, and though she sat out the 2014 nationals unfortunately, she became a senior in the year 2015 and is therefore age-eligible for Rio Olympics as well. She’s clean and very consistent, and seems to get better with every passing year, and no wonder she makes it to the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.

6. Madison Kocian

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Kocian has been known to be a bar specialist on two world teams (2014 and 2015), and has proved that she can perform solid routines even on the other events as well. In the year 2015 she was part of a four-way tie for the uneven bar gold, further solidifying her status as one of the world’s best on the event.

Though it will be rather tough to make the five-member Rio team even with a specialist status, if the US is feeling weak on bars (and somehow it often is), she may manage to sneak onto another US team. But she sure makes it to the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.

5. Kyla Ross

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Ross was the youngest standing squad member of the Fierce Five American women’s team that stood victorious at Olympic gold in 2012, and she’s been a real steady force for the US program since then. Ross was placed second at both of the 2013 and 2014 US nationals, and earned the award in the form of all-around silver and bronze, respectively, at the 2013 and also 2014 worlds.

In 2014, Ross had a rather disappointing national championships, and eventually opted to withdraw from the world team selection camp. But we must consider her a strong contender this time as she reaches the 5th position of the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.

4. Aly Raisman

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Raisman was another member of the 2012 Olympic squad, working on a equally significant comeback for 2016 as well. She’s the defending Olympic champion on the floor, and has really impressive new tumbling passes achieved there. She was rightfully named to the 2015 world team, and although she had a disappointing meet in the qualifications round and didn’t make any individual event finals really, she was solid as rock in team finals, helping the US comfortably secure its third straight world team title, and that earns her a spot in the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.

3. Gabby Douglas

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

The 2012 Olympic all-around champion has been really hard at work for a comeback, and if anyone can pull it off, Gabby Douglas can. At the 2015 worlds, Douglas placed second in the all-around behind her teammate Simone Biles – a very impressive display in her first worlds since the year 2011.

Her bar routine is an especially incredible asset to the US team, and she’s got a very innate ability that didn’t seem to be maxed out even in London.

2. Maggie Nichols

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Maggie Nichols stood second at the 2015 US nationals championship and is a very consistent all-rounder, performing the tough Amanar vault and double-twisting double back on the floor alongside the intricate bar combinations and steady and clinical skills on beam.

A significant member of the 2015 world team that had won gold, Nichols competed on all of the four events in the team finals and hit splendidly. She also won a bronze on floor in the event finals. She was to inevitably make the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.

1. Simone Biles

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017

In Simone Biles‘ first season playing as a senior, she had won the 2013 US national title — then she took home the world all-around title just two months later. Impressive, right? well, yes. And now she’s done the same two more years in a row. With three of the straight world all-around titles, also the three US national titles, and 10 world gold medals (14 medals in all), Biles is simply speaking, unstoppable.

This super-talented and insanely skilled gymnast has literally sky-high tumbling on floor (a full-twisting double layout, tucked double-double and double-layout with a half twist, called the Biles), and performs with a spontaneity that’s really fun to watch. No wonder she claims the top spot of the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2017.