Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Over the years, female gymnastics has found immense support and appreciation on a global scale. There has been the resurgence of the game itself, and the gymnasts have gained an impressive tally of fans worldwide. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016.

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

10. Jazmyn Foberg

Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016

Jazmyn Foberg surprised many by being triumphant at the 2014 US junior nationals — in her very first year qualifying to the junior elite competition! In 2015 she became second to her clubmate Laurie Hernandez, proving yet again that she’s lately one of the top juniors of the nation.

“Jazzy” becomes age-eligible too for Rio in the Olympic year, so she’ll have to really gain suitable experience in the junior ranks until that arrives. Interestingly, Kyla Ross took exactly the same way before 2012 — winning the junior national all-around title just two years before the Olympics and then becoming a senior in the Olympic year. So the inclusion of Jazmyn Foberg to the list of Top 10 Female Gymnasts 2016 is unquestionable.

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