Football Defenders 2016

Football is a game of teamwork. It can’t really solely be dependent on attacking. Defense is as essential to winning as offence, sometimes even more. For instance, while Brazil is known for their great forward players like Ronaldo, Pele or Romario, teams like Italy has always had great defenders Paolo Maldini, Baseri. Defenders play an innate role in the glorious history of  Italian football since the 70’s. In any case, defenders, with their amazing ball control, sheilding ability, speed, and dribbling, play a vital role in a team. So, here goes a list of the top 10 football defenders 2016.

Top 10 Football defenders 2016

10. Diego Godin

Top 10 Football defenders 2016

Currently signed with Athletico Madrid, this force of nature has saved countless goals for the team. He has stopped some of the best attackers like Ronaldo, Neymar and Suarez. This alone saves him a seat for the Football defenders 2016. And to top it off, he has excellent aerial skills and assists well.

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9. Raphael Varane

Top 10 Football defenders 2016

Varane belongs to the ranks of the elite defenders that make Real Madrid the team that it is. With a whooping salary of  2 million euros, Varane creates the backbone of  the team. He manages to combine his versatility (he can play as both a defender and a midfielder) with his daunting height which means he is formidable in the air, and his ability to tactically read the game to easily secure a position on the Football defenders 2016. His strong traits are passing and concentration, and while he likes to play short passes, he doesn’t dive into tackles often.

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8. Gary Cahil

Top 10 Football defenders 2016

Gary Cahil, also known as “Chelsea’s rock”, also the vice captain of  The England national team, is a no-nonsense central defender who’s fierce in the tackling and a reader of the game, easily makes the list of the Football defenders 2016. A contract committing Cahill to Chelsea was announced in December of 2015, until 2019.

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