Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016

Penalty cards in football exist to enforce rules amongst the players. A penalty card is issued when a player misbehaves, doesn’t act in accordance with the rules or intentionally sabotages the game. The Red Card is considered the most severe of all the penalty cards and it being issued by a referee usually ends up players being suspended permanently from the ongoing match. However, sometimes red cards are issued at intense moments of the game or unjustly. Such incidents are usually engraved in the minds of fans. Here we’ve put together a list of the funny moments in soccer where a red card has been issued in respect to blind stupidity if one has to say.

Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016

10. Dean Windass

Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016

Starting our list of Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016 we have none other than Dean Windass. He could be listed thrice for all it counts. Playing for Aberdeen in 2007 he picked up not just one but three red cards in fewer than 2 minutes. The future Hull City legend was first dismissed for when he was shown a second yellow card but things escalated when he continue to show his disagreement to that decision and was booked again. Going off the field he kicked the corner flag which earned him a third. It was quite the record but certainly an undesirable one.

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9. Paolo di Canio

Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016

At number 9 in our Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016 we have Italian forward Paolo di Canio. This could possibly be the most famous red card of the Premier League era. This particular incident threatened to end his career in England. Sixteen years ago Sheffield Wednesday beat Arsenal, the Premier League champions at Hillsborough with a list minute winner. The match is kept in memory not for the unexpected result but for the incident that took place at the last minute of the first half. Paolo di Canio responded to a red card by pushing over referee Paul Alcock in a rather comical way. This earned him an 11 match ban.

8. Zoran Mirkovic

Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016

At number 8 in our Top 10 Funny Red Cards Soccer 2016 we have Yugoslavia international defender Zoran Mirkovic. 40 minutes into the game Croatia’s wing-back Robert Jarni collided with Zoran Mirkovic. Mirkovic earned a free kick but Jarni came up to him to let him in on his thoughts about his play-acting. His words weren’t received kindly by Mirkovic who showed his displeasure by grabbing Jarni by his testicles and gave them a short, firm twist. Referees are known to value players’ testicle safety above everything else, hence out the red card.

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