Top 10 Goalkeepers 2016

Football has gained millions of hearts and rules ultimate in the minds of many. The goal keepers are the most important players on any football team. They play professionally despite of the fact that they are being given that much of devotion that they usually deserve to get.

The complete performance of the football team depends on the goalkeepers whose single performance counts the most. A goalkeeper is always supposed to have an eagle’s judge on the players and the football, strongest defense from his side is the vital share in the game. Here is a list of those superstars in the game, top 10 best football goalkeepers in 2016, who won loads of hearts with their goalkeeper’s caliber.

Top 10 Goalkeepers 2016

10. Victor Valdis

Top 10 Goalkeepers 2016

Victor spends his profession with Barcelona and this seasonal is going to fill the space where Catalans have struggled hard to fit in. Valdes made his full global debut in 2010 and received 20 international caps. He was portion of the Spanish squads which gained the 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Catalans have thrashed hard to fit in. He is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the club’s history, having looked in more than 500 authorized games for his club and won 21 major labels.

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9. David De Gea

Top 10 Goalkeepers 2016

David de Gea originally made his name in La Liga with Atletico Madrid before making a huge money move to the Premier League with Manchester United. He has prepared himself during the years and now reached a vigorous place where he tests to be a No 1 goalkeeper.

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8. Diego Lopez

Top 10 Goalkeepers 2016

The real Madrid performer has achieved to hit out more than 10 goalkeepers from the new ranking in the world. He is a famous international player from Spain.  He made a designation for himself in La Liga with Villarreal. In 2013 he returned to Real Madrid. He occupies the 9th position from the list of Top 10 Goalkeepers 2016.

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