Top 10 Greatest All-Rounders in Cricket

An all-rounder is a cricket player who excels at both batting and bowling. all rounders play a vital role behind the success of a team. here is the list of Top 10 Greatest All-Rounders in Cricket.

please Let Us Know About This List, Are You Satisfied with the List? or Wants Some Changes?

Top 10 Greatest All-Rounders in Cricket


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  • haya ali


  • I think Shakib ul Hassan should be included in this list.

    • Babar

      He hasn’t included shahid Afridi than how he will include Shakib al hasan. Shakib is not better than Afridi thats for sure

  • Babar

    He hasn’t included shahid Afridi than how he will include Shakib al hasan. Shakib is not better than Afridi thats for sure

    • Jawaad

      O hello, Sakib is not experienced yet. Maybe, you should keep an eye on Sakib and then decide who is the best.

  • guys! I Have Included Those All-Rounders Who Are Good In Test matches As they in ODI’s. So Afridi’s Record in Test Matches Not a Great one, and Shakib ul Hassan’s Inclusion ,I Think Its so Early, Let Him Play 2 or 3 Years More Then We will Batter Decide About Him.

  • alaudin miya

    shahid afridi as well as mohammed hafeez also should be in the list

  • Truth

    Shahid afridi has took 370 wickets and scored 7700 runs.He should be placed at top

  • Tashan

    Shahid Afridi is nowhere close to make into this list. He is good in ODIs and T20s. The one who are included in this list are good in both Tests and ODIs. And more, Afridi is not a reliable batsman in ODIs. In 80% of matches he failed with bat.

  • jyotiraditya

    Kallis should be at the top he has scored 46 centuries in tests and 33 in odi the only batsmen after sachin tendulkar and he has taken atotal of more than500 wickets in test and odi he has also scored more than 2500 runs and 50 wickets in his 20 over career

  • Steve Smith

    What about Mike Proctor?

  • MRåhmåñ Rêmðñ

    afridi is not good enough because when he got runs,
    it was unexpected….

  • Geoff Shaw

    Have you never heard of Alan Border???

  • Barris

    Nabis Isa Khil from Afghanistan – is the first on e

    • oh, really?
      afghanistan has just got official status let them play for some time.

  • cmgoku

    match winning bowling all rounder should be ranked first and then any batting all rounder
    Accordingly the list should be as follows ->
    1.) Imran Khan, 2.) Ian Botham, 3.) Kapil Dev, 4.) Richard Hadlee, 5.)Shaun Pollock, 6.) Gary Sobers, 7.) Jacques Kallis, 8.)Keith Miller , 9.) Andrew Flintoff, 10.) Sanath Jayasuriya
    and this is just my opinion 🙂

  • Atik Chowdhury

    you should add Shakib Alhasan in top 4 all- rounder in history !!

  • Tanmay Ghosh

    I believe Cris Cairns is far better all-rounder than Jayasuriya…

  • da puck

    in dreams kid.

  • Shahid Mahmood

    Imran is surely the best allrounder the cricket world ever had. Kalis might have taken those wickets but he was never a very good bowler. His batting numbers are exeptional but then it was in an era of dull wickets when each and every team on average had 3 batsmen with 50+ average, actually as a whole 22 batsmen having it. Do not compare it to the 80s when you, in whole cricket world find only find 4 or 5 batsmen who could manage that 50+ average. Imran, not only was a legend bowler but also scored at good average. Specially in his 10 years as captain his batting average rose to above 50 and his bowling average stayed below 22. And then do include his skills of being all time best captain as he is recognised by the most experts.

  • MuhamMad AsAd Khan

    waseem akram should be in top 5

  • Chitresh

    Absolutely shitty list. The guy who wrote this article doesn’t even know the meaning of all-rounder. Sanath Jayasuriya is at no.1. LMFAO!!!

  • MidhunCurie

    dude where is viv richards

  • Mark Nolan

    Sanath Jayasuriya…really? You actually believe he is the greatest all-rounder the world has ever seen? You need to stop writing about cricket because you clearly do not understand it.

  • Tammana Kasyap

    i think jack kallis should move upward

  • Tammana Kasyap

    21st century have kallis ,watson,flintoff..shakib also india could not produce good alrounder in 3 format even though ashwin is good .. but for test!. for this century kallis is no.1 !