01- Joe Louis

Greatest Boxers
#1 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

“the Man Who Beat the Hitlor”. He is referred to as the brown bomber and was considered as an American Icon. He has a record of wining 66 matches; losing 3 and 52 knock out winnings. He was a shining star for sure with a great record. He was a national hero for the peoples America and also a symbol of pride.  During the world war he was more than just a boxer and his fights had social, political and international significance. he is No 1 in list of Top 10 Greatest Boxers Of All Time.

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hope you will agree with our list of “Top 10 Greatest Boxers of All Time“.

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  • trashy list

    bad list

    • correct us please ……..

      • Retroshift


      • BillHicks420

        Well, you managed to put the WRONG image of one of the fighters. This list was obviously thrown together in a hurry, no care went in to this.

      • Cian

        The Grammar was not very good in this at all. You missed out a couple of good boxers like Joe Frazier and George Foreman. Putting the wrong image of a boxer was a mistake. But you tried!

  • Tomazon

    Julio Cesar Chavez’s picture is wrong. That’s Julio Cesar Chavez JR. This is Julio:

    • meriguito01

      No bro the picture is right thats Julio father not his son

      • Tomazon

        Thanks, but at the moment I wrote that (2 years ago) it was the other way. 😉

  • Karl

    Currently Wladimir Klitschko is 66 matches, 53 knock outs, 3 losses. So, judging by this list, he would be the greatest

    • Jim

      haha in his dreams

  • William Burke Jr

    I think this list is missing two of the greatest boxers, Larry Holmes and “Smokin” Joe Frazier. I think either one of them would have defeated Marciano.

    • Josh Moats

      No way….

  • Jan Pasierb

    What a horrible list.

  • just saying…

    where is manny pacquiao?

  • Kaliber44

    Wheres Klitchko and Manny Pac-Man??

    • Konstantin

      ‘Klitchko’ doesn’t even deserve to be on a top 50 list. He didn’t fight a good boxer in ages. All of his opponents over the last 10 years were pretty bad.

  • Bob

    Marciano didn’t beat greats like Robinson or ali yet beat the top of this list?

    • Josh Moats

      Marciano beat greats…Ali was overrated.

  • Saleh

    Muhammad ali is the greatest

  • Gav

    Where’s Audley Harrison?

  • Darren Snakeman

    Yep, this list of the greatest boxers of all agree with

  • mg2

    Manny Pacquiao?

  • Rodrigo Pestalardo

    esto es una farsa donde esta nicolino locche?????

  • Wayne Simmonds

    I see you found no room for Les Darcy! Shame!

  • Ata

    Mohammad Ali is the greatest of all time and everybody knows that in their heart

    • Daveyboyz

      Muhammad was the greatest heavyweight, but he modelled himself on Ray Robinson who was the greatest boxer ever. They both fought past their best and went on too long but in their primes they were both great, but without Sugar Ray Robinson there could have been no Ali.

  • George Friedman

    “the Man Who Beat the Hitlor”… Hitlor. Really?

    • Joe Wilson


  • Sergio Reynoso

    this list reads like it was written by a five year old, or Floyd Mayweather.

  • Smokey joe

    according to that boxing list where is my picture, because I am the greatest boxer of all time

  • Daveyboyz

    I am not sure Jack Johnson belongs in top ten (his record is not great) and Willie Pepp too (he had great footwork and defence but not sure he is top ten) Joe Calzaghe might deserve a place with his 46-0 record. He dodged nobody and fought a fight unlike Mayweather who may well be technically great but shares the trait of Klitchko in that he knows how to win fights but fights very negatively. A great is judged not by the number of wins but by the manner of them. Where is Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran? Plus as great as Joe Louise was Sugar Ray Robinson must be number 1 hands down. 128-1-2 and the only loss from Raging Bull Jake Lamotta who he then schooled 5 times. 96 wins in a row, dynamite in both hands, boxing IQ off the scale, ability to KO moving backwards like Ali…. Sugar Ray Robinson was the best ever.

    • Joe Wilson




  • FBoomBox

    Please do not include a 5 time convicted woman beater Cheap shot artist big mouth running coward like Mayweather on this list!!! Rocky Marciano will turn over on his grave!!!….
    FBBXX….former old school toe to toe boxer.

  • julio trejo

    Great list. Tomazon : thats julio cesar chavez sr his list is correct. How ever I do not agree whit Tyson been better than Chavez. Tyson was whit Edwin Rosario when Chavez KOD Rosario. (tko) Tyson was angry because don King liked Chavez better. They have the same number of losses but Julio career was 2x longer than Tyson.

    • Josh Moats

      Tyson would have literally killed Chavez in one punch.

  • stick2thebody

    But the convicted rapist and woman beater can get the #06 spot tho?…lol

    • Art Wanderlei

      Everyone knows that rape charge was bullshit.

  • Cryer

    Ali beat stronger competition than Robinson. Personally I think Ali has the best record of any fighter, considering the opponents he faced.

    • Josh Moats

      No he didn’t lol…Robinson also did not fight with padded gloves. Ali is only on this list because he is better known courtesy of Television.

      • Cryer

        Hahaha, believe that if you want but I suspect you know full well what utter nonsense you’re spouting. Ali beat significantly better competition than Robinson and anyone looking at their records objectively knows that. It’s a matter of quality over quantity. Stay in denial if you want to mate.

  • TocheGuevara

    Joe Frazier,George Foreman,Marvin Hagler,Sugar Ray Leonard even Manny Pacquiao and Roberto Duran.All could have been there.

  • joe odorisio

    I agree with most of this list except where’s the bulldog of Bergen? 44-2-2 is a nice record and he was a solid fighter. Rocky should be higher on this list and what about Oscar de la Hoya?

    • Joe Wilson

      SRL ODLH and a 1000 more.

  • Ali Chaudhry

    Roberto Duran should be on this list.

  • Moses777

    This is the most Ridiculous List I’ve ever seen Ali honestly should have 9 losses instead of 5. He really lost to Doug Jones, Jimmy Young, both return fights with Ken Norton. Greatest of All Time not even close.

  • Konstantin

    I would have expected Larry Holmes at least somewhere on a ‘Top 10 Greatest Boxers of all time’ list. Sugar Ray Robinson only on #3? Alright, good one ^^ Now stop joking, where is the actual list?

  • daniel

    ali is only at number 2? where is foreman, frazier, holyfield, klitchko, lewis, mayweather, hopkins, dela hoya and pacquiao? holyfield and lewis defeated tyson who is on the list!

  • larryjrmarlyn

    Ken Norton doesn’t get enough respect. Clay (Ali) admitted that he lost the rubber match to Norton, meaning that Norton effectively won 2 of 3 against him. As the years roll by, experts who watch the tape of the rubber match from ’76 agree with Clay (Ali).

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  • yücel gemici

    Muhammed Ali is the best of all time undisputedly.
    He defated the very strong boxers ( Foremen , Fraizer , Norton , Spinks..)..and
    he has only 5 defeats..
    Ali rematch the 3 of the 5 and defeated them. and the others two ( last two in the carier ) match Ali was suffering from Parkinson’s disease in the others ( 2 of the 5 -> berbick and holmes matches ).

    • Josh Moats

      And 5 of those wins are well known to be fixed fights…especially the Frazier one.

  • Chelsea Sigler

    Please have someone who has some sense of grammar edit this article. How can something so unpolished still be up?

  • Tony Zeno

    If you took every pro Heavyweight boxer past and present and had each of them in their Prime.. and each of them fight. Mike Tyson would be the winner.. Again this is everyone in their Prime talking about Heavyweights obviously… In Tyson’s earlier part of his career before the money and the fame and Distractions (Robin Givens) he was a Beast, opponents would be knocked down by him even when blocking.. He was just Raw devastating power that was unstoppable.. All of the Great boxers never had that. Even ones that were considered power punchers.. It’s funny because he was not entertaining really because all his matches ended within the first 3 rounds. Check out his highlight reel on youtube

    • Mark Ramsey

      Tyson was a power house before his arrest, no doubt about it. He was later outclassed by Holyfield though who used brains over brawn so while I would love to have seen Tyson in his prime against some of the all time greats, my gut tells me Ali, Holyfield, Holmes, Foreman and other tactical fighters (if also in their prime) probably would have thwarted him. Shame we’ll never know, we need that boxing simulator from the Rocky 6 movie lol

  • Safet Djemaili

    here is everything wrong … a fake bullshit page … the nr 1 of all time is MOHAMMAD ALI YOU DICKSUCKER … the sportist of centoury- did you miss that you piece of shit?

  • Josh Moats

    He had a record of total 56 wins out which 37 were knock out wins. He had only 5 losses in career.

    lol some of those guys only lost 5 or 6 but won 120+ more matches…no way was Ali better than Robinson or most of the rest of this list…hell Tyson in his prime would have KO’d Ali in his prime within 45 seconds…Ali had the benefit of TV to promote himself.

  • Niles Tdog

    A true boxing guy would never put Mike Tyson in top 30, let alone top 10. He lost to every great fighter he fought and only beat bums or old fighters. Only casual fans think he is so great.

  • aaron pryor

    The top ten is only African americans period.

  • Mark Ramsey

    Nice list. I would probably have Robinson at number 1 personally and really don’t believe Tyson should be in there. He had some great achievements, but in terms of fighter record; Larry Holmes’ record leaves Tyson’s for dead as does Duran and many many more. In fact Evander Holyfield’s record is far more impressive than Tyson’s having won the Olympics, dominated the cruiser weight division before moving up to heavy weight having run out of worthy opponents to beat, then taking the heavy weight title and beating Tyson in the process.

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