Top 10 Greatest Female Baseball Players

Baseball has a reputation of being a sport for men. Women play volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball, but you seldom hear about a woman playing baseball. However, this perception is wrong and girls have been playing hardball since long time, in fact, the first professional baseball team was the Dolly Vardens of Philladelphia, founded in 1867 and composed only by women.


Due to this long history of women’s baseball, we rank and list the 10 greatest female baseball players, from women rights pioneers to real professionals who made of baseball their living.

10 Greatest Female Baseball Players of All Time

10. Dottie Schroeder

10 Greatest Female Baseball Players of All Time
10 Greatest Baseball Players – Female

Dorothy Schroeder was nicknamed “The Human Vacuum Machine”. She was arguably the best fielder in the history of AAGPBL (All American Girls Professional Baseball League, a female baseball league that ran from 1943 to 1954. The most successful women’s baseball circuit in history), making amazing plays in the shortstop which earned her a place in our list of 10 greatest female baseball players. She was the only player to participate in all seasons of the league history, holding records for the most games played (1,249), at bats (4,129) and RBI’s (431) being one of five players to achieve the 400 RBI milestone. She was also the youngest player in the league history, making her debut at age of fifteen. Dottie was perhaps the prettiest girl in the league history and her face adorned the cover of Parade Magazine in 1948.

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9. Toni Stone

10 Best Female Baseball Players

Toni Stone was a hero of women and civil rights in United States when in 1953, she became the first woman to play in the Negro League and she was discriminated woman in a league of discriminated man. Playing baseball since she was ten years old, she was signed by Indeanapolis Clowns to play second base and replace future baseball legend Hank Aaron. She played only two seasons in the league but she had her highlights, including a hit against legendary Satchel Paige. She was harshly treated by her teammates who did not allow her in the dogout and requested her to play in skirts for sex appeal, which she refused. She could not be ignored when ranking the 10 greatest female baseball players.

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8. Sophie Kurys

Top 10 Female Baseball Players of All Time

Sophie Kurys was nicknamed “Tina Cobb”. In 1946, in just 113 games she stole 201 bases (bases were 72’ apart), which is not only the AAGPBL record but the worldwide professional baseball record. Even more impressive: that year, she was caught stealing only two times. In her career, she amassed a total of 1,114 stolen bases, the all-time record for the league and the world record until surpassed by Rickey Henderson in 1994. She averaged 123.77 steals per season in her 9 season-career, a no brainer choice for the list of 10 greatest female baseball players. In addition, she also holds the all-time record for runs scored with 688. Sophie Kurys was a gifted athlete, performing well not only in baseball but also in basketball, volleyball, track, bowling and golf.

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