Greatest Female Wrestlers

As with most sports, the world of pro wrestling is mostly dominated by men. However, once in a while, a woman comes along and takes the wrestling world by a storm. I’m talking about women so captivating that they dominate not only other women in the ring, but can also often hold their own against men. It takes a really special kind of woman to make an impact in the wrestling world. Hundreds of female wrestlers, backstage interviewers and valets have tried to make their mark, but only a few have ever succeeded. This list pays tribute to 10 such female wrestlers who have played a crucial role in defining female wrestling, from the lady wrestlers of the past who paved the way to the divas of today who are reshaping the road.

Greatest Female Wrestlers

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These 10 women defy all feminine stereotypes that women have to be frail and need to rely on their sex appeal and looks to get by. These are supremely talented, strong and tough female wrestlers. Although we as a society have progressed so far, women of the world still have to fight hard to prove that they belong in the professional wrestling world.

Even after witnessing the greatness of the Fabulous Moolah and June Byers, after seeing Lita and Trish Stratus’s achievements, after women from Mexico and Japan have wowed their fans again and again, women’s wrestling is not celebrated or respected enough.

Taking into consideration their impact on the sport, their success and their in-ring ability, this list looks for the best female wrestlers going as far back as the 30s. This list does not include looks as a factor, even though some are not too bad to look at.

Now, step aside, men. It’s ladies first!

Top 10 Greatest Female Wrestlers of All Time


10. Stacy Keibler

Greatest Female Wrestlers
#10 Greatest Female Wrestlers of All Time

With the most famous legs in wrestling history, Stacy Keibler managed to stand out even amongst extremely beautiful women. She started her wrestling career at the age of 19 as a WCW’s Nitro Girl whilst attending school full-time. She was also a cheerleader for Baltimore Ravens as she continued to be a successful valet in WCW under the name of Miss Hancock. When WCW was sold to WWE, she jumped ship and continued her success as a valet while fighting in the occasional match.

Keibler quickly became one of the top Divas. Both a manager and an in-ring competitor, she wrestled Divas like Jillian Hill and Gail Kim, while she guided the careers of The Hurricane and Scott Steiner amongst others. She eventually left WWE in 2006 to participate in TV’s Dancing with the Stars.

9. Sensational Sherri Martel

Greatest Female Wrestlers
#9 Greatest Female Wrestlers of All Time

Sherri Martel could do it all. She spend most her early career in the AWA, kicking the head and pulling the hair of Candi Devine, Madusa Miceili and whoever else got in her way. She made her WWE debut by defeating her mentor, the Fabulous Moolah, for the Women’s Title in 1987. She was a force in the Women’s Championship regardless of the promotion she was with. Sensational Sherri is a one-time WWE Women’s Champion and a three-time AWA Women’s Champion. She was also inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2006.

8. Torrie Wilson

Greatest Female Wrestlers
#8 Greatest Female Wrestlers of All Time

The classic, all-American blonde bombshell was one of the most desired Divas of her time. A gorgeous female wrestler who has even graced the covers of top selling men’s magazines like Playboy and FHM. When she is not competing, Torrie Wilson can be found in the corners of superstars like Tajiri and Carlito.

  • Wrestlinglover

    This list is not good. Gail Kim & Sara Del Rey should be included as well as Lita should be no:1
    she is more talented than Trish.

  • Mark Stephens

    Chyna is best of all, she will remain on TOP, she dominated men division. She has defeated mark henry, HHH, Chris Jericho, Eddy, Undertaker and many other top Male wrestlers. She is only woman to be number one contender for WWE/WWF Championship. Add to that She is undefeated woman Champion. She was not having any competion in woman division.

    Chyna is number one and always will be. No Trish No Lita No Beth no Kherma. She has bench pressed 320 pds and lifted 400 pds Boxer………………. Chyna is #1

    Chyna has paved the way of all WWE women today. Lita confessed it on live, Chyna is her inspiration. There can be many sables, Trishes, Litas , but hard find some one like Chyna

  • BamBam

    LOL, you really believe that? Its called fake. Undoubtedly she was a good athlete! No, she couldn’t beat any of the men. I doubt (in real life) she could beat any average schmuck male on the street either.

    • Snehil Sharma

      chyna benched pressed more than HHH in reality

  • The Hutch 23

    You need to watch more than WWE before you can write a list of who the best female wrestlers are. Half of this list were greener than goose shit for their entire careers.

  • Newhouse75

    what an absolutely biased towards looks sack of dog crap. Sherri Martel should be number 3 after The Fabulous Moolah as 2 and Chyna as 1. This is a joke. Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson wrestled better then Sherri Martel? Next…….

  • Adam J. Herbert

    You lost me at Sable.

  • reed richards

    you obviously don’t know anything about wrestling. aja kong? minami toyota? better than everyone on this list. i don’t know when this was made but since it is only wwe wrestlers and you included sable and not charlotte than it must not be current. anyway io sharai, asuka(kana) pretty much annihilate all of these people. the older ones like mae young i give respect to, but stacy keebler? debatable if she was even good.