7- Shahid Afridi

Top 10 Greatest Muslim Athletes

Greatest Muslim Athletes NO.7 : Many people will disagree by this ranking that why Shahid Afridi is at number 7 inspite on many others legends but the reason is that fame and class of Shahid is combined afridi is unmatchable. Afridi got so much fame that any star ever surpass him. he is Currently Most Famous Super Star in Pakistan. he is  one of the most well known Pakistani cricketers who have need no introduction in the world of cricket across the globe. Pakistani Pathan is known as “BOOM BOOM” among fans and “LALA” among his team members. He is the most popular due to his aggressive batting style and holds a lot of international records including the fastest 100 in ODI’s (37 balls), scoring maximum(32) runs in one over, longest six in the history of cricket, Most Number of Sixes.

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