Greatest Rivalries in Sports
Sports history is full of rivalries spanning generations of players and teams; pitting neighbors against neighbors, fist against face alike. It is precisely due to these rivalries that legends are made, and players write their names in book of sports lore.


To celebrate a century’s worth of sports, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 sports rivalries of all time, and to make our list a bit richer we’re selecting only one per sport.

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports History

#10- Duke Vs North Carolina- College Basketball Rivalry

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports HistoryAs far as college basketball goes, nothing gets on more hype than a match between North Carolina and Duke. The two campuses are only eight miles apart, and both teams are favorites in the ACC games. Rarely disappointing their fans, one of the two teams are almost always crowned champions in their matches against other teams.

#9- Martina Navratilova Vs Chris Evert- Tennis Rivalry

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports History
Next on Greatest Rivalries in Sports, Tennis rivalries are almost always a polite affair, such can be said for Chris Evert (right) and Martina Navratilova (left). The competing duo dominated the women’s tennis scene all through the 70s and 80s, pitting against each other eighty times, of which sixty were tournament titles. Martina Navratilova clearly had the edge as she won 10 out of the 14 Grand Slam Finals against Evert with a score of 43-37 in head-to-head meetings.

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#8- Ali Vs Frazier- Boxing Rivalry

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports History Next on Greatest Rivalries in Sports, Few people emanate a global impact more pronounced than that which Mohammad Ali enjoyed during his career (perhaps eclipsed only by the likes of Michael Jackson), having been crowned the World Heavyweight Champion twice before he was pitted against Joe Frazier. The rivalry that ensued between Ali and Frazier is written down in sports folklore, Ali’s egotistic temperament would never acknowledge Frazier as a talented athlete and he would always insult him during fights, on the other hand, Frazier could never be convinced to retreat. They faced each other three times; 1971, 1974, and 1975, Ali was crowned champion again as Frazier had been badly hurt and his team refused to let him compete in the last round. After Frazier’s death, Ali came out and made a statement that he had always respected Frazier and would always admire him.

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  • Vann

    The South Africa – New Zealand rugby rivalry is considered far more intense than the Aus-NZ rivalry. Theirs is based solely on geography, yet throughout history these two teams have been the number1 and number 2 ranked teams for most of the time. Hell, even Australian media called the SA-NZ rivalry this year the greatest ever rivalry.

  • Kevin

    Completely true. Richie Mccaw said the Springboks were the All Blacks’ greatest rivals. Just google ‘Rugby’s Greatest Rivalry’ to see this.

  • super

    Jahangir khan vs Ross Norman
    Jahangir khan vs Jansher khan
    Chris Didmar vs both Khans

  • super

    Sorry its Chris Dittmar

  • Girish Prabhu

    Cmon! There is no James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Absolute waste!

    • cristopher vieira

      they put andretti, but dont senna vs prost or hunt vs lauda….americans….

  • James

    Senna vs Prost is the greatest rivalry in sporting history and it’s not even mentioned here. Never before have 2 of the greatest to ever do it faced off for 3-4 incredible years. It had the animosity, the politics, the soap opera, the diverging personalities and the most iconic and incredible races. Any list that doesn’t include this rivalry is pathetic