Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History

Wrestling is one of the oldest sport of The World, but pro wrestling as we know it today has only existed for a few decades. The Game of kings is now the Game of entertainer. In the last several decades pro wrestling has shaped some of the most acknowledged sports celebrities in history. When producing a “Top Of The Tops In The World” list, it’s always biased. I based my list on many key factors like showmanship, capability to produce a Great matches, fan’s feedback, and market Value of a Wrestler. With those details in mind, here is a list of the “Top 10 Greatest wrestlers” in The History of Wrestling Entertainment.

Gretest Wrestlers

1- Hulk Hogan

Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History
Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History

Hulk Hogan the greatest wrestler of all time. none of the wrestler in the history would have made the impact he did. And for that reason, along with many others, he is the greatest of all time. Many may argue my list, but I think it’s a fair estimation. Obviously fans of the newer generation may be asking where there stars are. But one must memorize that many of the newer generation are still carving their paths, collecting their accolades and perfecting their craft. One day, they too may be describe the greatest of all time.

2- Stone Cold Steve Austin

Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History
Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History

After wasting time in WCW, Austin went to WWE where he was given a new lease on life. His “Stone Cold” character unleashed a can of whoop-ass on the American community, and sky rocketed the WWE into a billion dollar business. During his popular run, Austin’s t-shirts out sold other wrestling products 4-to-1. He was also a bone fide ratings bonanza, helping WWE raw takeover the lead from rival WCW Nitro. truly a champion, deserved #2 spot Greatest Wrestlers in our list.

3- The Rock

Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History
Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History

The most thrilling man in sports entertainment spent less than a 10 Years with the WWE before retiring to Hollywood Film Industry. Though his sabbaticals have a tendency to last years, The Rock continues to visit the home that launched his victorious career. The Rock helps many championships, but his most regarded title was being “The Peoples Champion.” With his eyebrow raising and signature catchphrase, The Rock was one of the top draws for McMahon’s wild star-studded circus. a true Fighter, one of the Greatest Wrestler in History of Wrestling Entertainment.

4- The Undertaker

Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History
Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers In The History

A reliable product in a world of egocentricity. Since making his debut for WWE in 1990, The Undertaker has blazed a pathway of devastation through the company. He has main evented Wrestlemania, whitewashed all the big names like Austin and The Rock, and still able to participate in high profile matches without dissatisfaction. without ny doubt he is the one of Greatest Wrestlers of ll time if not Gretest.

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  • DX

    Shawn Michaels does not make the list but Chris Jericho does????????

    • yeah your right, Chris Jericho is not a great choice i don’t like him but he was only undisputed champion, that’s why he is in the list.

  • FUK

    fuc**ng crap list….where is Bret Hart, Shawn Micheal ?

  • Avishek

    This list is a joke… Where dafuq is Shawn Michaels? and Bret Hart.. 😐 whoever wrote this article is an amateur.. Shawn in my opinion is arguably the best wrestler ever, certainly the best in ring performer of all time.. I mean the guy has won 11 PWI match of the year awards.. While Hulk Hogan is and will probably forever be the greatest superstar ever, he was trash in the ring.. To say that (no disrespect) Jericho and Piper have made it to the top 10 and Shawn and Bret haven’t is a fricking joke… John Cena above Hunter? And you’ve put Rocky over the Undertaker? Also Flair at no 9? really? And Lesnar doesnt even belong in the discussion.. He is top 30 material at best..

    Watch more wrestling dude..

  • Akshat Agrawal

    This is wrong.No Goldberg , Brock .
    And Steve Austin must be at top

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