Handsome Cricket Players

Cricket is one of the Most popular and glamorous sport in the world. one reason ladies would want to watch this game would be the sheer number of good looking and Handsome cricketers.

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Looks matters these days and here is a list of Top ten Most Handsome Cricket Players of the world in the current generation.

Top 10 Most Handsome Cricket Players


10Ahmed Shehzad

Ahmed Shehzad is a Pakistani cricketer. He is An aggressive right-handed opening batsman and also a part-time leg-break bowler. with Height 5 feet, 11 inches. in his personality his beard added much more. Due to his attractive personality, he has the Most Favorite Among the Young Girls in pakistan After Shahid Afridi.

9Kumar Sangakara

Srilankan Left handed top order batsmen Sangakkara is the senior player of the national side. Kumar Sangakkara has got very decent looks and a great personality. Sangakkara is 34, but he is most handsome among all his team members. he is at no 9 in list of “Most Handsome Cricket Players”. Kumar Sangakara is in Top 10 List of Highest Runs Getter in ODI history.

8Alastair Cook

English captain, make his place at no 8 in list of “Top 10 Most Handsome Cricket Players in The World “.
With a towering height of 6 feet 2 inches and a gorgeous jaw line, this suave cricketer could make any girl go weak in her knees.

7Kevin Pietersen

South African born English cricketer “KP” has one of the greatest female fans following of all time. KP is a family guy, he was married to singer Jessica Taylor, and has a son named Dylan. Possessing both, a well rounded personality and alluring looks he is easily one of the top ten best looking cricketers in the world.

6Brett Lee


2nd fastest Bowler in history of the game, brett lee is also included in the World Most stylish Sportsmen ranking. The stylish Brett lee is famous for his beauty in the indian region. he is at no 6 in our list. Brett Lee is One of the Most Richest Cricketers in History.

5AB de Villiers

Charming and traditionally good looking. he is well known to be down to earth and sensible. March 30th 2013 saw him get married to his long term girlfriend Danielle swart, dashing the hopes of many fans in the process. AB propose his girlfriend at the Taj Mahal, which is one of the most romantic places on the earth. he is also one of the Greatest Fielders, Greatest Wicket Keeper Batsmen and One of the Best Finishers in Cricket History.

4Michael Clarke

Australian Captain and One of the Most Successful Captain is at no 4 in our list of  “Most Handsome Cricket Players”.

A wonderfully sculpted physique and a smile that could melt your heart, this mature and successful cricketer is the whole package. Michael Clarke Married on May 16th in a hush-hush affair to interior designer Kyly Boldy he certainly broke many hearts around the world!

3Shane Watson

Excuse the fat that he carried around for most of his initial career, Shane Watson has a robust body and a gorgeous face to go with it. Watson’s fitness has improved exponentially in last couple of years and he’s currently one of the best all-rounders in International cricket. if not the best.

2Shahid Afridi


Owner of Many World Records “BOOM BOOM”. He had not only crazy fame due to his cricket but also for his charming and impressive personality with Height 5 feet, 11 inches. in his personality his beard added much more. Due to his attractive personality public is crazy for his one glimpse on the crease. His presence remains as ray of hope for viewers till the last moment no matter how difficult the match might.

1Virat Kohli

Voice Captain of Indian Cricket Team, he has Already Scored 26 Centuries in Odi’s, and keep scoring.
the man with over 50 runs average in one day cricket, Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches this single hot cricketer is good looking as well as passionate hence is every woman’s desire and certainly features in the top ten most handsome cricketers! Read More About Virat at ViratKohli.Website.

Let us Know By Commenting below about This list Handsome Cricket Players.

  • Munzza Shaheen

    I love shahid afridi as wel as virat

  • Shridhar

    Where the hell Faf Du Plessis? he should be at #1

    • Enrique007

      Ha ha gay

  • FACT

    Imran khan easily #1

  • Aish

    Imran khan #1
    alaistar cook #2
    Kohli #3

  • Shahbaz Nayyar

    Imran Khan should be one

    • azhar khan

      Afridi should be one

  • haya khan

    its a worst rating …. afridi should be first…..

  • Rajesh A

    When you say handsome, dont say they are handsome in the world.
    Instead say, he is handsome in your country,
    For you they might be look handsome because they belong to your country/race and your shape
    But in other countries no one there to smell them

  • Momal

    Virat Kohli???? wtf.. he is not handsome at all

  • justin

    Wtf…shahzad …certainly not in 10…where is James anderson

  • justin

    2.James Anderson
    6.Kevin Peterson
    7.RudolfRussouw (SA)

    • azhar khan

      Shahid afridi first

  • justin

    Then who is handsome ….look at urelf in mirrors lol

  • ronit

    There are lot of handsome cricket players…at least make list long up to 30

    • syed ghafoor

      From which angle does virat looks handsome

  • Augustin

    Virat kohli #1 really..???and ahmad shahzad ..lol..Why not tent bolt, Fin, hazlewood how come you miss David miller

  • snehadeepi

    michael clarke is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome. He should be at the top.

  • azhar khan

    Shahid afridi is first and ahmad shahzad is second

  • azhar khan

    I love only afridi

  • azhar khan

    Yes you are right and virat kholi not in top 50 … lol….

  • Ejaz

    Imran khan of pakistan beats any no1 by 1000 points , guys just google his pics that man was a rockstar.. style, aggression looks physique .. pls not virat , is it a joke !! For wonder they haven’t put kapil dev .. I gives me a bad feelings that it’s made by bunch of Indians