Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2015

In association football, the person Responsible for running a club or team is known as the football manager. He has several important duties which make him an extremely important part of the team, without whom, the team cannot function.

Selection of the players for the team for matches and the formation of the teams, planning of strategy, giving motivation to the players, delegation of duties to the medical and coaching staff of the team, buying and selling of players in the transfer market, etc. and much more falls within the list of responsibilities of a football manager. As a result of that, managers earn whopping sums of money. Here is a list of the Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2015.

Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2015

10. Jorge JesusBenfica

Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2015
Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Managers of 2015

Portuguese side Benfica, besides their reputation as a legendary Portuguese Club, is not considered by all the soccer fans as a Champions League title material. They surely miss the support from star players like Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi as they can’t afford such a high-price tag. But they played well while employing one of the best and costliest managers to give a nice boost in the young squad of the Portuguese side. Benfica employed Jorge Jesus as their coach and he is serving nearly five years in a row in the club. With his yearly salary of nearly $5 million, Jorge Jesus occupies the tenth place in our list of top 10 highest paid football managers of 2015. He led his club achieving the Portuguese League Cup twice in his career and Benfica also became Europa League runners-up twice consecutively under him.

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9. Manuel PellegriniManchester City

Top 10 Most Expensive Soccer Managers

Everyone knows about the money English premier league side Manchester City spends on each season to get some of the most talented football players from all over the globe. But they surely have enough money left to hire a super-expensive manager such as Manuel Pellegrini. City Football Group, besides their own club, is a major stakeholder of Melbourne City FC and also a minor stakeholder of Yokohama F. Marinos. The group is also the owner of Major League Soccer expansion side New York City Football Club. Manuel Pellegrini joined Manchester City after the 2012-13 Premier League season and showed amazing improvement of the team. With his yearly salary of nearly $5.75 million, Manuel Pellegrini occupies the ninth place in our list of top 10 highest paid football managers of 2015. Manchester City won the Premier League title under him to justify the amount the club has spent.

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