Highest Paid Soccer Playes 2014

Soccer is the most followed sports in the international arena. It is no surprise, therefore, that high levels of commercialization and financing have entered the sports. The commercialization of soccer has received mixed reactions from spectators globally. They now enjoy a variety of international talent at domestic leagues, but there is criticism of soccer players being overly paid and not worth the money.

Featured-402 here we going to present the Top 10 List of Highest Paid Soccer Playes 2014. Cristiano Ronaldo is the Leader of the List With Estimated Earning of 80 million USD. he was at #2 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2013. the list is adopted from’s 100 Highest Paid Athletes.

Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2014

10. Fernando Torres – Chelsea

Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2014

Spanish footballer who plays as a striker for Chelsea and the Spain national team. Torres is the 8th in list of Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2014. his Annual Earning is Exceeding 20 Million USD. he has sponsor deals with Adidas and Pepsi.

Fernando Torres Earning in 2014

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
21.3 Million USD 17.8 Million USD 3.5 Million USD

9. Yaya Touré – Man City

Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2014

Midfielder Premier League club Manchester City and the Ivory Coast national team. his Annual Earning is Exceeding 21 Million USD. he is Receiving 19.2 Million via Salary and 2.5 Million via Endorsements. he 9th highest earning football player in the world. Last April Yaya Toure signed a new 4-year deal to stay at Eithad Stadium until 2017.

Yaya Toure Earning in 2014

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
21.7 Million USD 19.2 Million USD 2.5 Million USD

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8. Sergio Aguero – Man City

Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2014

legend Diego Maradona‘s Son in law Sergio Aguero who plays for Manchester city and the Argentinean national football team as a striker, is the 8th richest Soccer Player of the world. he has signed a five year deal with the city for about 42.35 million Euros. he has also Sponsorship deals with companies like Puma, Pepsi and Gillette.

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Sergio Aguero earning in 2014

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
23.3 Million USD 18.3 Million USD 5 Million USD

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    NBA,NFL,MLB players make a lot more than soccer (football) players.

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      There are no NBA, NFL or MLB players making 52M salary/year.

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        here we have just compiled a list about soccer players.

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          The highest paid soccer player is cristiano ronaldo. He signed a contract for 80 million for five years. Thats weak compared to baseball players and NBA, NFL.

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      Check the list for the highest paid ATHLETES in the world every year. Floyd Mayweather always seems to top it, followed by either Cristiano Ronaldo or Tiger Woods, then comes Lionel Messi. That’s 1 Boxer, 2 Soccer Players, and 1 Golfer.
      Highest paid NBA players are LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, but both make a lot less than Ronaldo and Messi. Let’s not get to MLB or NFL because they’re even lower down the list.

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