Hottest Female Soccer Players

Soccer is the Most Watched/Played Sport in the world. It has nearly 3.3 to 3.5 billion fans all around the world. The game is mostly dominated by male soccer players but now women’s soccer is also gaining great popularity.

Female soccer players are not just good looking but they are giving significant contribution to their teams, thus making sports headlines. Here we are going to make the list of top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players in the World. Here is your top 10 soccer babes with unique hotness and beauty.
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Hottest Female Soccer Players in the World

10. Amy Rodriguez

Hottest Female Soccer Players
#10 Hottest Female Soccer Players

Last member of hottest female soccer players. Amy Rodriguez is an American soccer player who currently plays for Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League and is also a member of the United States women’s national soccer team. She previously played for the Boston Breakers and Philadelphia Independence of the WPS. She has played most of her games in the forward position and is known to be speedy. She is called “A Rod” by her teammates and sometimes by soccer commentators. not to mention that she has the looks to be one of the hottest soccer beauties.

9. Jonelle Filigno

Hottest Female Soccer Players
#9 Hottest Female Soccer Players

22 years old Jonelle Filigno, is the Canadian Soccer star. Jonelle Filigno was the part of bronze medal winning Canadian team in Olympic 2012. she was also the part of his national side in Summer Olympics and FIFA women’s world cup 2011. Good-Looking, smart and beautiful soccer babe is the 9th hottest female soccer player.

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8. Ali Krieger

Hottest Female Soccer Players
#8 Hottest Female Soccer Players

Alexandra Blaire Krieger, one of the most beautiful soccer player in American team. 28 years old Ali Krieger plays as midfielder and defender. she is currently playing for the Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League. This beautiful lady is the 8th in our list of top 10 hottest female soccer player in the world.

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7. Nayeli Rangel

Hottest Female Soccer Players
#7 Hottest Female Soccer Players

7th hottest female soccer players is Nayeli Rangel is Mexican star, who plays as a midfielder for Mexico’s national soccer team. she also plays for Sky Blue FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. Very talented and sharp midfielder turning out to be one of the hottest female soccer player in the world.

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    This article is utter bullshit. I know that for the ordinary american brain “in the world” means “america and maybe canada” but you missed a lot hotties there if you don’t like to watch outside the US. what’s wrong with you anyway?

  • your nominees ?

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      Lieke Martens from The Netherlands. Don’t you think?

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      I have one! Adriana Leon from Canada! She just HAS to make the list!

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        And a KNOCKOUT body as well!

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    F**k off. Write something respectful about the hard work and talent of female soccer players or don’t write anything at all.

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    no Adriana Leon… are u kidding me???

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    What utter nonsense. Truly tipical yanky biase rubbish. Another example why the rest of the world are disliking America. Most brain washed country on the planet. No distespect to the women pictured here but world means WORLD and not just the americas.

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    What a load of shit! The yanks and canadian women have nothing on so may Euroean women who play, what knob wrote this….

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      Like this one?

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    I’m a Canadian but I have to say too many North American girls what about Europe! Or South America like Brazilian girls <3

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    Christen Press!

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    So give us your list.

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    Le Sommer!

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    Where are the Europeans?

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