Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2017 – Exclusive

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2017

Gymnasts are the most flexible and talented athletes ever. With their skills , they win hears all over the world. In this following article, we took time to mention the best of them all. Here is the list of Top 10 Male Gymnasts. Buckle up and read on !

Top 10 Male Gymnasts – Exclusive

10. Dan Purvis

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Great Britain’s men’s gymnastics team have brilliantly qualified for the Rio Olympics` after confirming their place also in the World Gymnastics Championships team final placed in Glasgow and Dan Purvis is a crucial team member, earning him the 10th spot in the list of the Top 10 Male Gymnasts. “Qualifying is almost the most difficult as lots of things are going through your head,” Purvis exclaimed to “But when it comes to the final you can just go for it, so hopefully we can improve even more.”

9. Brandon Wynn

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Wynn is another remarkable specialist, and has earned the popular nickname “Lord of the Rings” for essentially good reason. He won the bronze medal on that event at the 2013 worlds championship, and was the national champ as well, and he has rightfully earned the inclusion in the list of the Top 10 Male Gymnasts.

8. Alex Naddour

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Naddour happened to be one of the 2012 Olympic alternates, and since the general impression is that US is often weak on the pommel horse, Naddour really could be a vital factor on many world teams. It’s arguably his strongest event, and he’s won three national titles on pommel horse, no mean fit to earn the 8th spot in the list of the Top 10 Male Gymnasts.

7. Steven Legendre

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Legendre has competed in a total number of four world championships during his career span, but in 2013 he had a notable breakthrough, winning the silver medal on vault at worlds – his very first world medal. Legendre does some of the hardest and also most remarkable tricks in the world on both of the floor and vault, and he could well be a contender for the world and Olympic teams of the future due to his skills on those events.

6. Jake Dalton

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Dalton was initially considered an event specialist in London, and he too is superb on both floor and vault. In 2013 he won the silver on floor at worlds ahead of the four-time world all-around champ Kohei Uchimura. He also picked up two all-around triuamph, at the American Cup and at the Winter Cup, thus proving he can hold his own in the all-around as well, and he rightfully earns the 6th position of the list of the Top 10 Male Gymnasts.

5. John Orozco

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Orozco became the 2012 national all-around champ, and was positively hoping to medal at the Olympics, but he ended up having a disappointing competition in London. Orozco then suffered an ACL and meniscus tear in his knee just shortly after the Games while he was on the post-Olympic tour, but was recovered soon enough to earn a bronze on parallel bars taking place at the 2013 worlds. An impressive three-time junior national champ, Orozco could really be a huge factor both on world and Olympic teams, for the medals during the competition itself.

4. Mitchell Larios

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


The 4th player to make it to the list will be Mitchell Larios. He earned his way smoothly into the 2015 NCAA Qualifying Meet in total of three events: Floor Exercise, Vault and Parallel Bars and impressively recorded a career-high 15.2 handsome result on the vault to advance farther into Championship Meet. He had achieved USA Gymnastics Collegiate All-American status in Vault (2nd) and then Floor Excercise (4th) in 2015. To add to his credit, he was also named USAG All-American in Vault (6th) and Parallel Bars (3rd) in 2013.

3. Donnell Whittenburg

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Whittenburg has come on really strong in the last couple of years, winning a bronze on vault at the 2015 worlds, and also winning bronze with his team in the same year. He was also the runner-up contestant at the 2015 US nationals in the all-around, and stands at the 3rd position in the list of the Top 10 Male Gymnasts.

2. Dannell Leyva

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


U.S. Olympian gymnast Dannell Leyva is a crucial name in the hopes of his nation’s well-being in Rio. And he is a truly deserving addition in the list of the Top 10 Male Gymnasts. A profile of the popular gymnast in 2012 told us of the pleasures Dannell takes in being mobbed. He insisted, though, that he is really just as much of a showman and definitely would like to work in entertainment someday.

“I want to do musicals, acting, Broadway, everything,” Leyva said. He duly noted that only a few people have been capable of winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. “My goal is to join that group.”

1. Sam Mikulak

Top 10 Male Gymnasts 2016


Mikulak was a spectacular event specialist for the US men’s team participating at the London Games, but in 2013, he really came into his own as an all-arounder. He achieved the national all-around title and became the only US male gymnast to participate in the all-around at worlds. He placed sixth, but could really have been higher had he not made a minor mistake on high bar in the final rotation.