Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History

In football, the main objective of the competing teams on the field is to score goals. The entire process of playing each game includes a lot of thrill and excitement, and gives the opportunity to the players to display their technique of gameplay which makes football what it is: 90 minutes of pure fun and cut-throat competition.

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Let’s check a recent scenario first before diving deep into the Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations.

But, what it all ultimately boils down to is which team scores the most number of goals, and hence, takes home the trophy. That is why, every goal is a reason to erupt huge clamour for the fans of the scoring team, and a cause to celebrate for the players. As a result, when a player on a team scores a goal, it is often seen that he breaks into a celebratory dance and action that takes everyone by surprise. Let us look at the Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History.

Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History


10. Fabian Espindola’s Backflip that Backfired

Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History
One Of the Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History

Memories get etched in our minds not only if they are great, but also if they are terrible, like Argentine footballer Fabian Espindola’s goal celebration during the 2008 match between LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake which is among the Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History. Fabian generally celebrated goals by doing back-flips. Right after scoring for his team, Real Salt Lake, he went up to his fans and began his back-flipping routine. But, unfortunately, he landed awkwardly on his ankle, and it took him several moments to realize that he had hurt himself. In fact, he had broken his ankle with his wrong moves, which kept him out of the games for two months. To make things worse, the goal he was celebrating was declared off-side and hence rule out.

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9. Diego Maradona’s Loopy Celebration

Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History – Top 10 List

Diego Maradona is one of the greatest players whose contribution to football is not only important for Argentina but the entire world. In the first group game of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Argentina had to face Greece, and Maradona scored the winning shot. Naturally, he broke into a celebration, but it went a little too far and became one of the Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History. He ran towards a camera, screaming, and stared like a lunatic, his blood-shot eyes round and bulging. This gave rise to suspicions that he was probably under the influence of drugs, and he was forced to take a blood test. Drugs were found in his body, and after the match against Nigeria, Maradona was sent home for the positive drug test.

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8. Carlos Tevez’ Chicken Dance

Memorable Goal Celebrations – Top 10 in Soccer History

Carlos Tevez is an Argetine footballer whose tango flare goal celebrations which started since his Boca Juniors days. Since then, he has shown many unique celebratory acts. But his most remarkable celebration was in a Copa Libertadores match against arch rival River Plate in 2004 which is among the Top 10 Memorable Goal Celebrations in Soccer History. After scoring an important goal, he decided to celebrate by taking his jersey. But he didn’t stop at this clichéd move, and went a step ahead to do a Chicken Dance. He chose this particular move because the River Plates had been nicknamed chickens after their loss against Uruguay’s Peñarol in the 1966 Copa Libertadores. Tevez was shown a red card after the celebration, and he missed the final.

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