Top 10 MLB players 2016

As we all know Major League Baseball  or commonly called MLB is a certified baseball association that is the oldest of the four major professional athletic unions in the United States and Canada. The matches are really something people pitch in for. Baseball is one of the biggest and most celebrated sports of all time. Professional baseball players from around the world play for this association.and we can pretty much sum it up by looking at the impressive list of athletes that have already played in MLB.

And here for the baseball fans, is the list of Top 10 MLB players 2016. Read on!

Top 10 MLB players 2016

10. Zack Greinke

Top 10 MLB players 2016

The first on our list is Zack Greinke and his rock- bottom ERA of 1.61 paces MLB by a wide margin. If it holds up, then it’ll be the lowest qualifying ERA since Greg Maddux’s 1.56 mark in 1994. In a related matter, Greinke this season has allowed two runs or fewer in 21 of his 26 starts in 2015.

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9. Bryce Harper

Top 10 MLB players 2016

Harper, Nationals. It’s been an indisputably brilliant season for the 22-year-old. In 526 plate appearances, his amazing skills in batting. 329/.458/.626 with 98 walks, 30 doubles and an NL-leading 31 homers. Simply put, Harper has relentlessly put up the best offensive numbers of any player in baseball this season and so he’s the next one in our Top 10 MLB players 2016 list.

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8. Josh Donaldson

Top 10 MLB players 2016

Eighth on our list og Top 10 MLB players 2016 is Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays. Donaldson of course provides excellent defense at the corner, and in his first season in Toronto. 301/.359/.585 and on pace for 99 extra-base hits. When the score is within one run in either direction, Donaldson this season has OPS of 1.095. When the score’s tied, he has got OPS of 1.213.

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