top 10 most dangerous hard hitters in cricket

Top 10 Most “Dangerous Hard Hitters” in Cricket.

top 10 most dangerous hard hitters in cricket

In the World of Cricket, there are some great batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar, Michel Clark, and Jacques Kallis These are the symbol of technique and Concentration,  Some of The Batsmen who can Destroy the Bowling Attack With their Hard Hitting and tear any bowling attack apart, we can Call  Them Most “Dangerous Hard Hitters”. These Hard Hitters batsmen are a bowler’s nightmare, they can be match winners on their day. “Dangerous Hard Hitters” made ODI cricket popular. Earlier the world has seen some of the hard hitter batsmen like Viv Richards, Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Ian Botham who destroyed the opponent bowling Attack.  There is Some Explosive Hitters in Today’s Modern Cricket Who are Famous in World of Cricket for their Explosive Batting, Big Hits and Long Sixes. Here is the List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Hard Hitters in Cricket. Please Let Us Know your’s Opinion About This List. Comment Below Your Agreed or Not.

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  • lmar

    Afridi is really best hitter in the world

  • 1) MS Dhoni
    2) MS Dhoni
    3) MS Dhoni
    4) MS DHONI
    5) MS DHONI
    6) MS DHONI
    7) MS DHONI
    8) MS DHONI
    9) MS DHONI
    10) MS DHONI

  • @Bappa Bhattacharjee this is not the way to support your favorite one.

  • Zahid bhat

    This is good i agreed with that

  • jai

    ms dhoni

  • Om

    Only sehwag is father of all hitersss

  • himadri

    i think now a days shikhar dhawan is hitting the ball like a bullet.

  • Mishal khan

    Affridi is the Grand father of all hitters

  • Shahid Khan Afridi and Abdul Razaq

  • Lankan Tiger


  • Mahmood

    this list is absulutely correct

  • Mahmood

    i love afridi

  • Mahmood

    i thing this list miss maxwell

  • abhinav

    where is rohith he have hitten 16 sixes made a record of hitman

    • this list is not about one match dear. its about consistent hitting like afridi, gayle and youvraj.

  • Chamara Wijegunawardhane

    i do not agree with Jessy Ryder & Abdul Razzaq- they should be replace by Brendon Macculum & AB de Villiers

  • ms sixer

    Afridi is not the best hard hitter. dhoni is the helicopter.most of those goes out of the stadium.2.5 seconds to go out of the fence

    • Oh Man You Didn’t seen anything in asia-cup match, even miss hits from afridi gone for sixes.

  • prasanna

    don dhoni

  • FACT

    CUT shots from the bat of afridi go for sixes. If a ball comes full on his bat it is dispatched into orbit. Definitely one of the most frightening batsmen to face in form.


    bangladesh getting the absolute shit beat out of them:

    india too:

  • AdamRyan

    I think Chris Gayle should be at top 1 then 2nd go to afridi. If talk about hard hitting, everyone know the Gayle is best hard hitter in the world. He no need more effort to hit six. When he hit for six, ball travel very fast. I never saw another batsman can hit too hard like him. even afridi cant do that. Its not about distance of six, its about how fast ball traveling. Thats Why i said Gayle shld be put in at top 1, Afridi is 2nd. Since u r Pakistani and Afridi Fan, I am very understand it.

    • being a pakistani i love boom boom.. but this is not fair what you said….

      • Ranjitus

        That was a very low comment directed at you. U been quite fair here in your analysis.

  • Dani Rockx

    Lala Rockxxxx <3

  • Amir Khan

    Abdul razzaq is best hitter in world cricket

  • Amir Khan

    Abdul razzaq many times finishing touch .. . .. .

  • renjith

    Vat abt sanath Jayasuriya??????????

    • he was father of all hard hitters. in this list we tried to include those who are playing currently

  • Indian

    Only sehwag is father of all hitersss

  • Indian

    Ab de Villiers is most destructive batsmen fools..

  • Prashant panwar

    MSD is the best

  • James

    Where’s Mr.360 Degree , AB De Villiers

  • shabaz

    Where is Devilliers? Gilchrist?