Most Popular Sports in America

here we going to make the list of most popular, most watched, most revenue generating or most played sports in America.

Our source of information is the websites which are being searched or browsed most in America. comment below, if you feel we didn’t include any popular sport. to know worldwide popular sports please Read Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in America

10. Badminton

Most Popular Sports in America

It’s not a hugely popular sport in the United Stats such as in China, Malaysia, Denmark, and Indonesia. But still 10th most popular sport in the country.

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Let Us Know About Our Sports Popularity Ranking.

9. Motor Sports

Most Popular Sports in America

Motor Sports Including auto-car and motorcycle racing, is the 9th sport in the list. NASCAR is the biggest organization in USA, which organize races in America. Moter Sports is the 2nd most watched sport after Football in America.

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8. Wrestling

Most Popular Sports in America

Pro-wrestling is the next most popular sport in USA. the Wrestling Organized Under WWE is Highly followed by American people. John Cena, Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock are the Some of Most Popular Wrestlers in USA.

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7. Golf

Most Popular Sports in America

Golf is the 7th most popular sport in the USA. Tiger Woods arguably the most popular contemporary Golf figure in United Stats. Golf is also the 8th most popular sport in the world.

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6. Tennis

Most Popular Sports in America

Tennis is the Next sport in the list of Most Popular Sports in America. Tennis is Equally Popular in Man & Women. Superstar Like Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick and Others are the currently  Inspiration for youngsters in America. United States has had a glorious record in tennis.

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  • Josh

    john cena’s name is not correct.

  • Scott

    Please fix all the typos guys. It makes the website look bad.

    • can you please give any example, i will more than thankful.

      • Kshitish

        e.g. “Can you please give (me) any example? I will be more than thankful.”

    • Devin

      I agree. This article is hard to read and does not seem credible at all with all the typos and errors in syntax. Just read over the article; they are extremely obvious!
      Also: What are your sources? Most popular according to whom?
      Also: It should be “Sport-ology”, “Cricket-ology”, “Soccer-ology”, etc. The ‘e’ added by this site is unnecessary and doesn’t make as much sense.

    • derrick

      Thank god it’s not just me. Moter sports…..

  • bedfordthegreat

    Soccer MAY be at #9 behind badminton…maybe.

    • jig


  • MMA isn’t on that list? Oh wait, that’s one of the most popular WORLD sports.

    • Mike Graham

      MMA isn’t popular in any country. It will always be a niche sport. The idea of MMA being the fastest growing sport or a popular sport has been debunked. It has no presence or media coverage in any African, Asian or European country.

      • Lol…someone hasnt done their homework.

        • Guest

          Surveys reported found that only 8% of the American population have an interest in MMA. 92% have no interest at all and an unfavourable view of MMA.

          UFC 174 did a reported 100k buys, UFC 173 did a reported 200k buys. Live Gates, TV Ratings, Attendances and general interest in the product is at an all time low.

          Even the MMA head writer for bleacher report debunked the claim about MMA growing or being remotely popular:

        • Mike Graham

          Surveys reported found that only 8% of the American population have an interest in MMA. 92% have no interest at all and an unfavourable view of MMA.

          UFC 174 did a reported 100k buys, UFC 173 did a reported 200k buys. Live Gates, TV Ratings, attendances and general interest in the product is at an all time low.

          Even the MMA head writer for bleacher report debunked the claim about MMA growing or being remotely popular:

          http://bleacherreport. com/articles/1671596-fact-from-whites-fiction-biggest-sport-in-the-world-obama-cant-get-a-ticket

  • Mainlander


  • Alex

    Badminton.. No way!!!!

    • silas

      I agree

    • Me

      Agreed. I have a hard time believing badminton even cracks the top 20.

      From my experience it seems the most popular sports in order are: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, martial arts/MMA, boxing, Nascar, tennis, skateboarding, surfing, BMX, swimming, etc.

      I’m pretty sure all of these are ahead of badminton

  • btfresh

    Pro Wrestling is not a sport. It is theatre.

  • Steven Ray Hynes II

    Baseball number 2? No way more like 4th.

  • Wow, you made a huge blanket statement without bringing ALL the facts in. Who did the survey? Are the ratings on FOX Sports 1 and other tv stations considered when dumb statements like “all time low” made? How about world wide growth? MMA is bigger than its ever been and now on major networks like FOX. Take a second look at your sources and educate yourself on a more broad level. The female athlete of the year according to the largest sports network (ESPN) happens to be a mixed martial artist. By the way…it’s the first time an MMA fighter has ever won an ESPY. Now go back without cherry picking PPV events and add up ALL the PPV events from year to year and tell us what you see.

    • Mike Graham

      Rousey won an ESPY by beating 3 nobodies. Not one person voted for any of the other three because not one person knew who they were, what sports they played or what they looked like. If she won fighter of the year then that would’ve looked a lot more impressive.

      Rousey’s not a mainstream star. Only MMA fans would even recognize her name. Most Sports fans wouldn’t know who she was, what occupation she does or what she looks like. Hardly anybody outside of North America or Brazil knows who she is.

      If you’re not an MMA fan then you wouldn’t have heard of Rousey. MMA fans live in a bubble where they assume sports fans know who their fighter are.

      I asked members of my family and friends once to see whether they recognize these names:

      John Cena = Yes
      The Rock = Yes
      Manny Pacquiao = Most did
      Daniel Bryan = No
      Anderson Silva = No
      Brock Lesnar = Most did
      Hulk Hogan = Yes
      Steve Austin = Yes
      GSP = No
      CM Punk = No
      Mike Tyson = Yes
      Muhammad Ali = Yes
      Floyd Mayweather = Yes
      Ronda Rousey = No

      Here’s the ratings chart which shows that the last UFC on Fox was the lowest rated in history. Long May the demise of the UFC continue.

      • Melissa Rice

        You crack me up… Here’s one way to “debunk your theory. I hate MMA and have never watched it; However, I do know who Rousey is and what she does. Did you know that she was recently in a big movie too?

        Also, suggesting that BleacherReport (a sports rant blog) is a credible source for data is to laugh at. BR is a “rant” style blog and their sole purpose is to push topical and provocative content as much as they can for marketing purposes. You can read more about this on their “About” page.

        Maybe you should stop watching so much Fox News and pay attention to everything else in the world! Open up your eyes! Don’t limit yourself!

        And finally, I do not mean to sound rude, but I doubt you have been to college and doubt you will ever complete a college course (and that’s fine), but did you know that surveys are not credible in debate? If you wish to learn more Google search “how accurate are surveys.”

        Here’s a few small examples. 1. You took a survey with members of YOUR family ONLY and 2. you claim that 92% of Americans are unfavorable or have no interest in MMA even though 100% of Americans did not participate in the survey.

      • Awesome…you’re graph is for Fox MMA viewers only (not too bias) add together all the viewers in the world where MMA has started being watched. Add the PPV events, add the fight pass events. You HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Go to Dublin, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Holland, Switzerland, Mexico, China, Japan…Then come back here and tell me how MMA has taken a dump. Again, you’re posting one graph depicting fights on one TV station. Also google MMA and UFC and count the amount of websites dedicated to it. Go to The UFC twitter page or facebook page. Add in youtube. Lame.

        • derrick

          I don’t see FX historical ratings on here… Just saying.

        • Mack Tackleton

          Your MMA favoritism is showing

  • Bro


    • dude

      You’re a fag.

    • dude

      You’re a fag

  • Demetrius Atkinson

    2. Basketball
    3. Baseball
    4. HOckey
    5. Golf
    6. Tennis

  • bob

    This thing is accurate till about number five, check huffington post’s poll

  • Tiago Batista Santos

    where’s Boxing?

    • derrick

      The guy that made this needs to watch a Jack Dempsey documentary. Then maybe he’ll understand boxing in american culture a bit better.

  • Sokker1008 AD

    Pro wrestling is not a sport . Sports refers to competitions. They are a entertainment-based, featuring storyline-driven,scripted and choreographed matches.

  • asdadsa


  • wtf

    stop the lying about the popularity of some of these sports in the world, only Basquetball has interest not baseball or American Football.. thats ridiculous

    • wtf back at you

      ummmm this is about in the US not the world

  • jig

    i disagree

    • Sokker1008 AD

      Can i ask why????

    • derrick

      Obvious troll

  • Retnan

    Badminton is 11th, sure.

  • Brandonlk

    Actually this is wrong. Latest poll taken puts college football 3rd, NASCAR 4th Basketball 5th

  • Justin

    Motor sports should be higher NASCAR RULES

  • Vik

    What about snowboard?

  • Justin LeGross

    1. Football
    2. Basketball
    3. Hockey
    4. Baseball
    5. Golf
    6. Boxing
    7. MMA
    8. Tennis
    9. Track & field
    10. Racing
    11. Soccer

  • Bogle

    They aren’t typos. Clearly the author isn’t a native English speaker. He should get an editor. Martial arts didn’t creep into the top ten if it’s not in the top 10. I don’t think he understands the wording. Wrestling is not a sport of any kind and the “winner” is predetermined. It’s acting. If it’s a sport then so is every movie with combatants or actors paired against each other on a stage. I thought I read that ufc numbers are killing wwe numbers, yet it’s not listed here. Or was my source wrong?

  • Yoleberry

    Can’t believe boxing is not on the list. The highest paid athletes are boxers. Look what they charge for a pay per view fight. Look at what Floyd got for his last fight.

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