Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016

A bike is as good as the person riding it, but still there is no denying that a better bike gives the racer an edge over the others and when it comes to Moto GP which is the premier motorcycle racing competition you can be pretty sure to find some of the best bikes in the world on its race tracks. Their acceleration, brakes, top speed, engine are all on another level and so it’s no surprise to find some of these bikes costing north of US $2 million. Here we countdown the Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016.

Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016

10. Yamaha YZF-R1M

Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016


At number 10 in Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016 is Yamaha YZF-R1M.The R1 series bikes have had a glorious history for being in the business since 1998 and the newest version doesn’t disappoint. It has all the modern electronic package like slide control, antiwheelie system, launch control, quick shifter and selectable power modes. It has a 998 cc engine delivering a power of 179.6 hp and has a top speed of 284 kmph.

9. BMW S1000R

Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016

At number 9 in Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016 is BMW S1000R. BMW has been the king of 1000cc Sport Bikes since 2010 and the BMW S1000R is further testament to that fact. Powered by a 999cc inline-4 engine, it gives a power of 193hp and top speed of 300kmph. Often cited as more comfortable to ride compared to the other bikes on this list and for good reason, it steers well, leans well and stops well.

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8. Kawasaki Ninja H2

Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016

At number 8 in Top 10 Moto GP Bikes 2016 is Kawasaki Ninja H2 which is a supercharged version of the Ninja Sports Bike series and is mainly a track bike. It boasts of a supercharged incline-4 DOHC 998cc engine which produces a maximum power of 310hp and has a top speed of 310 kmph. When this bike was released it caused quite a furor for being a game changer in the stagnant market and was very well received by both critics and racers alike.

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