Top 10 movies featuring cricket

It is well known that India has many religions but it is confirmed that cricket unites Indians better than any other religion. Because of its enormous popularity in India, cricket attracts a lot of movie directors and producers too. In last several years, many movies based on cricket have been made in Bollywood, and have been well appreciated by Indian audiences. Though cricket is the most loved and accepted concept in the Indian movies, few other countries have also produced some remarkable movies on the sport. Let’s have a look on some non-Indian movies featuring cricket which have been well received by both worldwide audiences and critics.

Top 10 movies featuring cricket

1. Fire in Babylon (2010)

At number one in this list of movies featuring cricket, we have fire in Babylon.Simply a must watch documentary for all cricket lovers. This British documentary film is all about the record-breaking West Indies team of the 1970s and 1980s. This movie tells the story that how West Indies became the most feared team on the planet.
It involves contribution from many great West Indian cricketers including Clive Lloyed, Sir Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge, Michale Holding, Andy Robrts, Joel Garner etc. Apart from them, many other great cricketers and commentators have acted in this movie. The film was written and directed by Stevan Riley and won the UNESCO Award at the Jamaica Reggae Film Festival 2011.
Many well known cricket experts like Richie Benaud, Ian Botham, Geofrey Boycott, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Close, Tony Greig and David Gower etc have also appeared in this movie. This movie also features a video footage of Nelson Mandela giving his views on this all time greatest cricket team.

2. Wondrous Oblivion (2004)

This movies featuring cricket revolves around an Eleven-year-old boy, David Wiseman who is mad about cricket but not so good at it. His new neighbours (Jamaicans) are also cricket lovers. Then they start preparing David who is a laughingstock at school. They became good friends and David falls in love with Dennis (the neighbour girl). But David’s parents want to put an end to their son’s friendship. But their love and affections towards cricket binds their friendship.
Directed and written by Paul Morrison, the movie won awards at the Boston Jewish Film Festival in 2004 and the Giffoni Film Festival in 2003.

3. The Final Test (1953)

One of the excellent comedy movies featuring cricket about Sam Palmer’s last appearance for England. He desperately wants his son, Reggie to be there at The Oval to witness his last innings, but the son is more interested to meet a leading poet Alexander Whitehead, while Whitehead is more interested in cricket. Whitehead takes Reggie along with him to the match, in the mean time Sam get out for a duck.
The movie has also cameos from leading cricketers, including Len Hutton, Denis Compton and Alec Bedser.

4. Bodyline (1984)

As the title suggests this movie (TV series) was all about the 1932/33 Test cricket series played between England and Australia. One of the most famous cricket series where the bodyline cricketing tactic used by the English cricket team agaiNst Australia gained world wide attention after Sir Donald Bradman injured for several times during the series. Gary Sweet played the role of Donald Bradman. The directors for this miniseries were Denny Lawrence, Lex Marinos, George Ogilvie and Carl Schultz. One of the best movies featuring cricket.

5. It’s not cricket (1949)

A must watch comedy movie where the two main characters of this movie are intelligence officers in the British army. Being suspended from the Army Intelligence, they planned to set up a a private detective agency “Bright and Early”. Then they both engage a secretary and one day her fiancee invites them all to a weekend for a cricket match. But what they don’t know is that the cricket ball they buy in London actually contains a valuable stolen diamond which was purloined by the war criminal Otto Fisch, the reason behind their removal from the Army. What happens next? You should watch the movie to know it better.

6. Playing Away (1987)

In this movie a cricket team in a small English village, invites a team of West Indian heritage based in Brixton to mark the conclusion of their “Third World Week” celebration. This TV comedy film was well received by the audiences.
7. Hit for Six (2007)
This Barbadian movie shows how a West Indian Cricket player, once accused of match fixing, fights to play in an international tournament. In this process he also earns the respect of his father, a former player. The movie  features several west Indian cricket players  Tino Best, Everton Weeks, Wes Hall, Desmond Haynes etc.

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