Top 10 NBA Playoffs Top Scorers of All Time

The NBA Playoffs is rolling. The most exciting moment of the basketball year, when champions are crowned after a long season.

As the regular season, the playoffs are prolific in epic moments and records. As baseball, the expansion of the basketball playoffs is the main cause that most of the record holders belong to recent years. Here it is the list of the Top 10 NBA playoffs top scorers of all time.

Top 10 NBA Playoffs Top Scorers of All Time

10. Larry Bird

Top 10 NBA Playoffs Top Scorers of All Time
Top 10 NBA Playoffs Best Scorers of All Time

At position 10th of the 10 NBA Playoffs top scorers of all time, we meet hall of famer and former 1992 dream team member, Larry Bird. A legend of the sport and a three consecutive times MVP Award winner, Bird was constantly playing the playoffs with the Celtics, amassing twelve trips to that round, winning three NBA Championships and scoring 3,897 points, averaging 23.8 points per game (PPG, from here on).  Bird’s best playoff when it comes to points was in 1983-83 when the Celtics won the championship defeating the Lakers in the NBA Finals with Bird as the Finals MVP. In that playoffs he scored 632 points, averaging 27.5 PPG with success percentages of .412 (3-pointers), .529 (2-pointers) and .879 (free throws).

9. Jerry West

Leading scorers in NBA Playoffs

“The Logo” was a legend in NBA and a constant participant of the play offs round with his lifelong team, the Lakers. He was so good in this round that he is the only player to win the NBA Finals MVP Award on a losing team; he holds the record for the highest PPG average in a playoffs series with 46.3. He is one of the Greatest NBA players of all time. In thirteen playoffs trips, he won one NBA Championship, One NBA Finals MVP award and scored 4,457 points, ranking ninth in the list of the 10 NBA Playoffs Top Scorers of all time and averaging 29.1 PPG in that round (3rd all-time). His best playoffs were in 1970 when he scored 562 points and had 31.2 PPG with success percentages of .469 (2pts) and .802 (FT). When it comes to Points per Game his best playoffs were 64-65 with 40.6. From 1970 until 1984 he was the all-time top scorer in Playoffs.

8. LeBron James

Best Scorers – NBA Playoffs

King James has played in 10 postseaons with two NBA Championship rings, both with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013, in both he won the NBA Finals MVP Award. LeBron is considered one of the best players in basketball history and his scoring abilities are undeniable.  He has been part of contender teams, having missed the playoffs in only his two first season. James has scored 4,527 points (and counting) with 27.9 PPG, ranking number eight in the list of the 10 NBA Playoffs Top Scorers of All Time. His best playoffs were in 2012 when he scored 697 points and 30.3 PPG with success percentages of .259 (3pts), .549 (2pts) and .739 (FT). However, it was the 2008-09 playoffs his best when it comes to PPG as he averaged 35.3.

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