Top 10 Neymar Hairstyles 2016

Neymar dos Santos Silva popularly known as Neymar Jr. is new sensation of the World Football after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Neymar has gained a great popularity in the audience not only because of his outstanding skills with the ball but also with his fabulous and alluring hairstyles. His hairstyles are a dream come true for the young generation. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Neymar Hairstyles of 2016.

Neymar Hairstyles 2016
Neymar Jr Hairstyles 2016
Top 10 Neymar Hairstyles 2016

Throughout his career so far, Neymar has donned various styles in his hair, ranging from curls to Mohawks, mullets to dreadlocks, in various colours, shapes and lengths of hair. These are colourful, crazy, creative, and outrageously original, and have been a part of his identity during his ascent as a quality soccer player.

10. Hair Gel Dye

Neymar Hairstyles 2016
classic hairstyle of neymar

The current Neymar hairstyle 2016 was the Hair Gel Dye. In August 2013, Neymar carried the tame, gelled hair look to his new club, Barcelona on his presentation, with sides almost shaved, and no dyes on.

This young player seems to have a bright future ahead, and will continue to win hearts with his superb skills. It is likely that he will have the same attitude of a superstar, and we can expect him to turn up with more bizarre skills and new trendy hairstyles.

9.  Messy Dreadlock

Neymar Hairstyles 2016
messy dreadlock haircut of neymar

Probably one of the best neymar hairstyles in 2016 is this Messy Dreadlock style. Messy dreadlock is an outstanding hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the entire head surface is covered with layers which look messy. The long lofty hair layers beginning from the front of the head and floating across the neck area give you an ostentatious appearance. Messy dreadlock hairstyle gives him an arrogant and haughty killer look. These brunette hair locks gives him a unique and iconic look.

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8. Fringed Hairstyle

Neymar Hairstyles 2016
fringed style of neymar

In this hair dressing, a fine fringe touches your forehead in a straight direction. The rest of hair at the back are trimmed to a minimal length. This front hairs swept look gives him a flurry outlook for any press conference. Neymar carried this style with elegance.

It was considered a fusion between the semi-Mohawk and the locks of hair stranding down.

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