Top 10 Polo Teams Worldwide 2016

Polo has indeed proved itself to be one of the more enjoyable games that serve both as recreational and competitive. Here we take a look at the Top 10 Polo Teams Worldwide 2016.

Top 10 Polo Teams Worldwide 2016

10. King Power Foxes

Polo Teams Worldwide 2016
king power foxes

Thai billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has literally poured millions into creating the best polo team in the world. Only last year they won the hallowed double – the Cartier Queen’s Cup at Guards  and also the Gold Cup at Cowdray Park. Young British players Hugo Lewis, 20, and Kian Hall, of 17, are ones to watch. Srivaddhanaprabha also owns the prestigious Leicester City Football Club – the mascot is a fox, hence explains the polo team’s name.

9. Dubai

Polo Teams Worldwide 2016

Dubai-based entrepreneur Ali Albwardy’s team has popularly been the longstanding home of 10-goal supremo Adolfo Cambiaso. But in a rather bold end-of-season transfer move last year, Dubai had acquired another professional 9-goaler, Juan Martin Nero. This pairing now provides Dubai every chance of challenging those King Power Foxes, who presently reign supreme.

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8. Apes Hill El Remanso

Polo Teams Worldwide 2016

Having reached the semi- finals of the prestigious 2015 Gold Cup, 8th on Top 10 Polo Teams Worldwide 2016 , Apes Hill are back with another new and improved line-up for 2016. Sir Charles ‘Cow’ Williams and also Major Christopher Hanbury have joined forces with a strong four-man team: Eduardo Novillo Astrada and Mark Tomlinson line up beside George Hanbury and Alec White. That should really offer us some entertaining polo.

7. HB Polo

Polo Teams Worldwide 2016
HB polo

On 7th  of  Top 10 Polo Teams Worldwide 2016, this is the proud team of the French Pailloncy brothers, Sébastien (3-goals) and Ludo (2-goals). They have always been a regular and popular feature of the high-goal circuit in the recent years, and have pulled off the unanticipated coup of securing one of the best in the sport of late, Uruguayan 10-goaler David ‘Pelon’ Stirling.

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