Most Popular Sports in Australia

Sports are a common fiber of human life. Every country of the world like some sports which may even not played in other countries. Same is case with Australia. Sport is a national passion in Australia. Australian peoples are avid followers of ‘footy’, which covers every game from uniquely Australian AFL to rugby union. Australian plays beach cricket and backyard all summer and spent their thousand dollars to watch the iconic Boxing Day test at Melbourne’s MCG.


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Summer is considered as the season of sport around the country and especially the Grand Slam tennis tournament held in this session. Australia has lush, championship-designed golf courses across the country and country has the record in hosting many premier golf events. Australia marathons attract thousands of runners from all over the world and rev-heads everywhere know about Australia car racing events for example the Formula 1 Australia Grand Prix. Here in this post I will tell you in details about most popular sports in Australia.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia


Australia’s beloved ‘footy’ actually covers four codes, which may be a little confusing. Depending on different state of Australia, this could mean Rugby League, Australian Football League (AFL), Rugby Union or the soccer that most Europeans know as football!  All these four codes command a strong, loyal fan base. These codes are played in the same season from March to September.

Aussie rules

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, If in Australia you see men in shorts leaping to great heights playing on a large arena with an oval ball, then you’re definitely watching a game of Australian Football. AFL (Australian Football League) is Australia’s premier spectator sport and it is developed in Melbourne in the 19th century, this is the most attended sporting league of the country. Popularity of this sport is very high in Victoria, where it’s practically a religion. Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide also have passionately supported AFL teams. AFL consist 16 teams which play 22 home and away rounds from March to September.


National Rugby League (NRL)

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, Rugby League is a full contact ball sport and considered as the third most popular sport of Australia. This Australian sport actually branched out from Rugby Union in the early 20th century.  NRL or The National Rugby League is mostly played in Australia’s eastern states. Most of the 16 teams of NRL are based in and around Sydney. The NRL season starts in early March and ends with the grand final on the first Sunday of October. NRL competitions usually attract huge crowds and huge TV audiences as well. There are also annual international games like the New Zealand VS Australia ANZAC Day test.

Rugby Union

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, Australia’s Rugby Union well known team is the Wallabies and each year they compete with New Zealand and South Africa in the Tri-Nations Series. Their on-field battle with the New Zealand is known as the Bledisloe Cup. And the games with South Africa are part of the Mandela Challenge Plate. Rugby World Cup is also held in Australia after for years in which many teams come to play from across the world.  Seven former Australian players like Nick Farr-Jones have been introduced into the International Rugby Hall of Fame. In the Super 14s cup Australia’s state teams play with each other, South African and New Zealand teams.

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  • Marton

    A couple of comments re the text on AFL:
    1. Australian Rules Football (or Aussie Rules or Footy) is the name of the sport. AFL is the name of the league.
    2. Aussie Rules is just as popular in Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania as it is in Melbourne/Victoria. Each of those places have had their own league for well over 100 years. The difference between Melbourne and those other cities/states Melbourne is easily the biggest of those cities so the Victorian league eventually evolved into the national competition and created two teams in each of Adelaide and Perth.
    Sydney and Brisbane are completely a different story. While the popularity of AFL has grown there in recent decades, Aussie Rules is not part of the culture there like it is in the other states, so the growth there has been more of a result of the AFL trying to expand into traditional Rugby (League and Union) territory.