Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K

England is a country of various cultural prospects and sports is one of them. Various types of sports are played throughout the country. The Great Britain has always fared better in the Olympics and fetched medals from almost all the sports they participated. Let us take a look at the Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K.


Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K

10. Netball Super League:

Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K

We start our list of Top 10 Most Popular sports U.K. with Netball Super League. In 1999, The Netball Super league was founded which was the elite netball competition in U.K. Scotland and Wales. Due to a major television deal signed in 2006, Netball Super league competitions are often shown on Sky Sports. Netball Super league is sponsored by Fiat Automobiles. The netball Super league takes in players from England, Wales, Fiji, Scotland and New Zealand.

9. Ice Hockey:

Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K
ice hockey

The next sports to come in our list of Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K. is Ice Hockey. The Ice Hockey UK is allied to the International Ice Hockey Federation. IHUK was in fact created to change the British Ice Hockey Association. It arranges different tournaments throughout U.K. and is responsible for the good order of the sport in the U.K. Famous players from Owen Nolan, Tony Hand came up from the IHUK and later flourished with the GB Team.

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8. British Rowing:

Top 10 Most Popular Sports U.K

The leading body in England for the sport of rowing inside the country is the Amateur Rowing Association of U.K. This Rowing Association is also liable for the development and organization of international rowing teams on behalf of Great Britain. Famous rowers like Geofrey Taylor, Douglas Kertland came from the Thames Rowing Club and London Rowing club respectively and flourished later with the national team. The other two famous rowing clubs in U.K.  are Kingston Rowing Club and Bedford Rowing club.

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